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Bob Schneider Bridge Builders Lyrics

Last updated: 05/20/2004 07:46:35 PM

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You asked me a question
I think I’m somewhere else
You said “You’re not listenin’”
You said that I never do

I try, I try so hard
So hard in this big world.
It’s big and so shiny
All around it’s like a big cartoon
You ask me to help you build a bridge
So that we could meet in between
But I’m building my own bridge
Somewhere, so far from here
I’m building my own bridge
I’ll call you when I get there

You said you were leaving
I heard you sweet and clear
You said “It’s not easy
With you, you’re never here”
I’m lost, I don’t know why you seem so far away
I see you, working so hard, working so hard each day
Building your own bridge to somewhere far away
I’m building my own bridge
Don’t worry, I won’t stand in your way
Cuz I’m building my own bridge
My own bridge, I can call my own
I’m building my own bridge, I’ll call you when I get home

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