Bride Albums

  • This Is It Album (5/1/2003)
    Blow It All Away
    To The Sky
    More Than Human
    Drop D
    Head Looking For A Bullet
    Best I Expect To Do
    Evil Geniuses
    Barren River Blues
    Short Time In The Grave
    White Elephant

  • Fist Full Of Bees Album (5/1/2001)
    Too Tired
    White House (Do Your Own Time)
    Biginning Of The End
    Dog The Nine
    Bitter End
    Never Thought Of Going Back
    Soul Winner
    Jesus In Me
    California Sunshine

  • Oddities Album (11/23/1998)
    I Ain't Coming Down
    Why Won't He Break
    If I Told You It Was The End Of The World
    I Found God
    Close To The Center Of The Earth
    Tomorrow Makes No Sense
    Day By Day
    It's Only When I'm Left Alone
    God's Human Oddities
    Under The Blood
    Die A Little Bit Every Day
    Restore Me

  • The Jesus Experience Album (9/16/1997)
    I Love You
    The Worm
    I Live For You
    Follow Me
    Tell Me
    Love Hate
    Human Race
    I Hear A Word
    Cosmic Christ
    The World I Know

  • Drop Album (5/1/1995)
  • Scarecrow Messiah Album (5/1/1994)
  • Snakes in the Playground Album (5/1/1993)
  • Kinetic Faith Album (3/13/1992)

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