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Birthday: June 5, 1969
Place of Birth: Buffalo, NY
Favorite Movie: American Gigolo
Favorite Book: Down These Mean Streets by Piri Thomas
Favorite Artists: Stevie Wonder, The Artist, Michael

Of all the instruments, the voice is the most haunting, the
most expressive. The voice is the sound closest to our
soul. We remember voices with chilling recall. The voice of
a lover echoes in our ear long after the love is gone.
Inner voices confuse or soothe, filling our head with hope,
disappointment, joy. The voice of the singer is the More...

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Review about Brian Mcknight songs
best ever everytime | Reviewer: prudence louw
    ------ About the song Everytime You Go Away performed by Brian Mcknight

i love the song everytime,everytime i hear it it make's me cry constanly but at the same time it make's me smile cause it certainly brings memorys to me i love it brain mcknight i love u mwahs

Brian Mcknight everytime you go away lyrics | Reviewer: Lerato
    ------ About the song Everytime You Go Away performed by Brian Mcknight

The is an error the lyrics are not done at the last part Sir Brian Mcknight sings which says "I know sometimes, I know sometimes I get a lil bit lonely without you girl and it might like its not about you and it may seem like its all about me and I know I might seem a lil bit self centered but I, I, I surly love your girl and I need you right her with me and I know sometimes you have to go away and I know that sometimes you gotta go and do your own things but early in the morning and late in the evening I'll be right here waiting for you girl.

This is a great song | Reviewer: EHarrison
    ------ About the song Show Me The Way Back To Your Heart performed by Brian Mcknight

The lyrics are powerful and truthful of a person that is hurting and begging for one more chance. If you can sing and about to lose selfone sing this song to them. If they do not respond let the go because it is too late. This song is will move most people if song well and with feeling.

My Dad. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Kinda Girl performed by Brian Mcknight

This song is so meaningful to me.
My dad left me when I was young, but the last time I saw him was when he actually came across Canada just to see me on my 7th birthday.. And my mom had a brian mcknight cd, and I told my dad that he looked just like him...
And he used to always sing this song to me.
That was the last time I ever saw him, and everytime I hear this song, it makes me cry. In a happy sort of way though.. reminding me of my dad.

The song of my heart | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Home performed by Brian Mcknight

I love this song from the moment I first heard it.. It spoke for me and to me.. This song is immortal and I know singers will make their own rendition of this beautiful song. Just like my favorite-Kyla. God bless this song.

Perfect Fit | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Could performed by Brian Mcknight

My now fiance played this song in his car for me when we first met (and were supposed to be just friends)...of course i was so nervous about being beside him that I didn't even realize what it was saying until 5 months later we found each other again and started which point he played it again for me. :) We've decided this will be our first song to dance to at our wedding :)

masterpiece! | Reviewer: de-mesmin d├ęgo
    ------ About the song Shoulda Woulda Coulda performed by Brian Mcknight

well i'd say Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda is a masterpiece and it's not only this song; what really is a masterpiece is the skill with which brian uses his divine voice completed with the lyrics of all the songs his wrote and produced. i can't describe how i love what he does but i do deeply appreciate all his r'n'b and soul songs... he made me fall in love with the mariah carey song he sang in duet with her. that's a wonderfull song indeed: it runs "love wandered inside,stroger than u stronger than i..." my boy brian, u r a real skilfull singer; love what u do. take good care and keep making me dream.

My Absolute Fav!* | Reviewer: Ebony H.
    ------ About the song Still In Love performed by Brian Mcknight

My absolute favorite song by Brian McKnight is Still In Love! I think everyone agrees with me when i say that these lyrics are genius! and he voice is always amazing! One of my dreams is to have him at my wedding as a special guess....hmmm?? love u Brian!!

Graet song | Reviewer: Wanderingmimi
    ------ About the song One Last Cry performed by Brian Mcknight

The Song Sounds so sad,just like how I feel now. I shouldn't fall in love with him...I must leave... I do and cry...

Hope-less Romantic in Detroit | Reviewer: ClassicStylist
    ------ About the song Love of My Life performed by Brian Mcknight

I can't believe I am the first to submit re:song. Brian-I heard this song last night, everytime I hear it I fall in Love all over again....With the song. I'm hoping one day with God's Blessing he sends the right man,in this lifetime, and someone Loves me Like this song. Your voice is so smooth I can play this song 100+ and will never get tired of hearing the words and music. Peace2u Classic

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