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With the release of his debut solo single, 'Real To Me' and
album fast approaching, Brian McFadden is in a relaxed and
open mood. One fifth of one of the biggest boy bands in the
world, now a solo artist in his own right, at the age of
just 24, Brian has all the hard won wisdom of a music
veteran, but with none of the cynicism. Having sold 30
million records and picked up twelve UK number 1's with
Westlife, Brian’s passion for making music is undiminished
and invigorating.

Engaging and frank, Brian describes his new album as
largely More...

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Review about Brian McFadden songs
love westlife | Reviewer: freak
    ------ About the song Mistakes performed by Brian McFadden

MISTAKES IS A really meaningful and wonderful song ... I LOVE YOU BRIAN MCFADDEN ! i love to sing this song and i sing it to my girlfriend ...... she never sings this song along with me .... but i mean every word ..... i really do ... its a bit hilarious though ,... ..

Irish Son | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Irish Son performed by Brian McFadden

I admire Brian McFadden for doing such song. Well, come to think of it and don't be a hypocrite. The society is trying to brainwash people and try to manipulate everybody. The lyrics of this song talks about reality. I've waiting for this kind of song to be released and only Brian got the courage to do it. Cheers for this, Bri! x

almost here | Reviewer: lina
    ------ About the song Almost Here performed by Brian McFadden

Exactly what's happening in my life... The song just takes my breath away... Beautiful and oooohhhh yesss everything in this song does happen and exists... Its real.. Beautiful and touching ...

Congratulations | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Irish Son performed by Brian McFadden

Congratulations Brian for having the strength to release this, I'm sure the many people out there will relate to the song in many ways and for so many reasons.

The most moving lyrics and performance I have heard for a very long time!!!
Keep going !!!!!!

Marianne's rewiview | Reviewer: Marianne
    ------ About the song Like Only A Woman Can performed by Brian McFadden

Hi i love This song even now so many years later. Even if his not with Delta anymore it's still one of the best songs i have ever heard. Hope he keeps writing songs like this in the future. Love you Brian you rock

Just break with your past | Reviewer: Rosh Noln
    ------ About the song Irish Son performed by Brian McFadden

Love this song!!! I have been waiting for someone to share these thoughts in a song and it is Brian who has done it eventually. We have been so conditioned, so brainwashed by the society, we cant think for ourselves anymore. We just do what everyone else expects us to do and live their way. Conformity is so common, we are mechanically living our lives. So just break with your past and feed your own mind. THANK YOU BRIAN for such a thought provoking song. God is a myth, religion and politics serve only their own agendas. God was created by man and I am surprised that even today people can believe in a myth ike that!!! Anyway, love you Brian!!!

Irish Son | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Irish Son performed by Brian McFadden

I love this song. Brian is saying that the Dogma of the church has hurt a lot of people. He does not dis God. Although me personally I don't believe in God. He is saying the human invetion of the church has done a lot to hurt people. We need you use our own minds and look and see what the church and church leaders say is true. Are the church leaders behind the times? This is all he is saying. He is saying he left and found out what was real.

amazing | Reviewer: me (:
    ------ About the song Almost Here performed by Brian McFadden

I don't think people realise how amazing this song is.
Delta Goodrem is the most amazing singer alive.
She always has been and I love her.
This song is actually amazing.
"Bruised and battered by your words. Dazed and shattered now it hurts"
Do you realise how that can compare to real life?

This song has so much meaning and it refers right back to life.
Go away you haters.
Especially the one who said it's pathetic.
Sure, Brian Mcfadden can be a pain. But this song is beautiful !
Delta Goodrem- I love you to bits

The irish son | Reviewer: Tina
    ------ About the song Irish Son performed by Brian McFadden

I dont agree with the lyrics of the song. No one can force you to serve God. I am a born again christain and i have a personal relationship with God. Serving God is personal deciusion. It is sooo wrong for Brian to generalise. The lyrics are misleading

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hollow No More performed by Brian McFadden

The illiterate folk above have evidently not got the wit to understand the lyrics. Far from being depressing this song is about growing hope and the feeling of going from emotional hollowness to a freedom of spirit. There is poetry to the words and the song is beautiful - as for untalented, I would love to see the critics' own efforts at song writing and singing.

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