Brian Eno Albums

  • Panic Of Looking Album (11/7/2011)
    in the future
    not a story
    panic of looking
    if these footsteps
    watch a single swallow in a thermal sky, and try to fit its motion, or figure why it flies
    west bay

  • Drums Between The Bells Album (7/4/2011)
    bless this space
    pour it out
    the real
    the airman
    fierce aisles of light
    as if your eyes were partly closed as if you honed the swirl within them and offered me the world
    a title
    sounds alien
    cloud 4
    breath of crows

  • Nerve Net Album (9/1/1992)
    Ali Click
    Distributed Being
    Fractal Zoom
    Juju Space Jazz
    My Squelchy Life
    Pierre in Mist
    The Roil, The Choke
    What Actually Happened?
    Wire Shock

  • Wrong Way Up Album (10/1/1990)
    Lay My Love
    One Word
    In The Backroom
    Empty Frame
    Spinning Away
    Been There Done That
    Crime In The Desert
    The River

  • My Life in the Bush of Ghosts Album (2/1/1981)
  • Before & After Science Album (5/1/1978)
  • Another Green World Album (11/1/1975)
  • Taking Tiger Mountain Album (11/1/1974)
  • Here Come the Warm Jets Album (1/1/1974)

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