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Every now and then an artist emerges on the scene as if
fully formed. The voice is distinct, immediate in its
character. The songs feel like they truly belong to the
singer. A level of self-possession animates the
performances, delivers them right to your doorstep. Nothing
feels forced . . . it just is. Theres an aura of
inevitability that surrounds the emergence of such artists.
With the release of So Much More, Brett Dennen joins the
ranks of those who fit this description. Others? Joni
Mitchell. Rufus Wainwright. James Taylor. More...

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Review about Brett Dennen songs
My belief and interpretation. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ain't No Reason performed by Brett Dennen

It's just talking of the harshness of the world, working hard for a living to make it in the world that we've made. and in that world you basically have to sell your soul, compromise your values, and its mostly done without the deeper thought of what each action effects. Your soul and spirit turn black, like a smokers lung from the hatred, greed, and all other evils of the world. you suffocate in yourself because the things that are real and precious are kicked aside.

Ummm | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ain't No Reason performed by Brett Dennen

Hey, theres a few lines that I find in every lyrics page similar to this and it's not there on any versions I can find, including VEVO on Youtube. "Working your fingers bare to the bone
Breaking your back, make you sell your soul
Like a lung, it's filled with coal, sufficating slow," Is the set I don't understand...

Love this interesting song | Reviewer: B.Durborow
    ------ About the song She's Mine performed by Brett Dennen

I think he is does not like specific organized religions but he is in love with someone and therefore he is not concerned about the message from the evangelist. He is an opened minded thinker and his "heros" have been those that took a different path, thought outside the box. He is secure in his direction in life even though it is unconventional. Was not Jesus executed for being a threat to those in power?). However, I'm not sure his lyrics go that far to be suggesting this. I really like this song because it can have many meanings.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song She's Mine performed by Brett Dennen

i think that the idea of a relationship in this song is the kind where you bring out the best in each other. it reminds me of the abigail and david in the bible. abigail believes in david and therefore he is able to be a better person because of her empowerment.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song She's Mine performed by Brett Dennen

i feel as if the meaning of this song is not necessarly about a certain person but an idea. It could be about a person depending on who you are and how you interpret it. I think Brett is leaving it up to us to decide what we want this to mean. In my opinion, knowing that i have lost someone who i was in a long relationship with, i think it is about a couple and that "she" will always be there for you if she meant that much to you. Shes Mine could be interpreted many ways and i think that the girl you love or loved will always be apart of you and you will always have her with you in some way.

She's Mine - Meaning | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song She's Mine performed by Brett Dennen

I think the verse "midnight moves across the people's park" is about the 1969 death of Berkley students James Rector during a clash between Alameda County police and protesting students. Rector was died from a shotgun wound to the abdomen fired by a deputy. What does Dennen mean by "fled the fire"? Several cars were torched at the protest and when police began using agressive force, many fled the scene.

Just some takes on meaning | Reviewer: What it do?
    ------ About the song She's Mine performed by Brett Dennen

For anyone who's interested in the meaning, I have a few shots in the dark.

First, the song is overall about going against the crowd and being confident in your devotion to something (she), be it a person, an ideal, or whatever else.

Looking at the first paragraph, it's somewhat reminiscent of the three witches in Macbeth. They basically offered power in return for morality, and Macbeth followed. The second paragraph is laden with the distrust Brett exhibits of organized religion. This can also be seen in the third verse. Think KKK southern baptist fire-and-brimstone preaching.

As for the second verse, I can't really say much other than it makes me think of a poor boy running up to his girlfriend's porch in a rich district late at night, only to be greeted with a kiss while all the neighbors are scandalized.

"The court of canes" and "the furnace flames" are pretty darn blatant, but being a Christian and knowing the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendigo kinda adds to it for me.

And this my friends, is what happens when you're home sick and feel like writing.

well | Reviewer: raghda
    ------ About the song She's Mine performed by Brett Dennen

on and interview i heard he came up with the chorus first. he was in his girlfriends parking lot, the large kind you have to drive into, and when he would sing the words "shes mine" he loved how it sounded with the acoustics in the garage. then he decided to work on the rest of the song.

GREAT SONG | Reviewer: Charlene
    ------ About the song The One Who Loves You The Most performed by Brett Dennen

I finally found this song ... every time the Roger's Commercial comes on my two sons and I sing to each other ... FINALLY FOUND THE LYRICS and they are so amazing. Brett's voice is sooooooooo great! Want to hear more!

Brilliant, but Confusing | Reviewer: Everett
    ------ About the song She's Mine performed by Brett Dennen

I love this guy's voice and guitar playing, and his lyrics are full of imagery, but I feel they tend to be unfocused. If you have to scratch your head too much to figure out what the song is about, then it's not clear as it probably should have been. I mean, I love this type of desultory lyric, but I don't feel they can age as well as more coherent ones... Brett's songs "Oh the Glorious" or "Just Like the Moon" are more coherent songs, in my opinion.

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