Brendan James Albums

  • Simplify Album (9/1/2013)
    The Skeptic
    Where You Started

  • Hope in Transition Album (7/10/2012)
    None Of Them Are You
    Younger Days
    Carriers of the Light
    Heavy Lifting
    Here For You
    Nothin' But Love
    World on the Streets

  • Brendan James Album (9/7/2010)
    Nothing For Granted
    The Fall
    Anything For You
    The Lucky Ones
    Stupid For Your Love
    Different Kind Of Love
    Get It Right
    Changing Us
    Let It Rain
    Your Beating Heart
    Emerald Sky

  • The Day Is Brave Album (6/3/2008)
    All I Can See
    Hero's Song
    Early April Morning
    The Other Side
    Run Away
    The Sun Will Rise
    Let Your Beat Go On
    Take The Fall
    Dirty Living

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