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A Perfect Circle Brena Lyrics

Last updated: 11/25/2013 06:58:02 PM

My reflection wraps and pulls me under
Healing waters to be bathed in Breña
Guide me safely in worlds I've never been
To heal me, heal me, my dear Breña

It's all right

Heal me, heal me, my dear Breña
Show me lonely and show me openings
To bring me closer to you, my dear Breña

It's all right

Opening to heal...
Opening to heal...

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Get a life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/13

I love how everyone tries so hard to get in Maynard's mind. It's his song for only him to know. Also, it's not Tool, but A Perfect Circle. Maynard take yourselves too seriously. Get a life! Stop taking every work, sentence and lyric apart and just listen to it. I've never come across fans that come across as such intellectual (not so much), full of jargon...dorks. Just listen to it and take it in without tearing it apart.

... | Reviewer: Aaron | 8/30/13

This isn't Tool, how on earth does that come up in all of your comments? Maynard is still the vocalist for A Perfect Circle, but at least give the proper band credit.
Absolutely irritating.

?? | Reviewer: musicenthusiast | 3/10/13

Why must everyones interpretation be right? The magic of tools lyrics are that use while they hold some deep meaning. That only the artists themselves shall understand, are very vague and suggestive leaving them open to different interpretations and understanding. as a common universal law dictates, everything is a matter of perspective. your journey through life will have you seeing what you take out of it, much as another person's tale will lead them to get something completely different out of the same song. Much like Rorschach

To title: CounterClocks (J.C.) | Reviewer: Trinathaniel | 8/16/12

I didn't know Jesus was a song writer. Your cover's blown pal, but if the "individual" audience's opinion is what makes an artist famous in the way you believe by reading these interpretations then why aren't we all rock stars?

Also, enjoy the song. I've listened to it for over a year and just looked up the lyrics tonight. I'd say it's about as metaphorically literal as you can get (like as is much of James' style). By it being up for interpretation... the song is interpreted the same to us all emotionally, regardless of our individual perceptions decide to translate them when attempted to be brought to the conscious mind. James seems to speak the language well.

Brena's meaning | Reviewer: Day uhh tee | 3/17/12

The song is about making love to the mother of his child for the first time. Tool aren't pointing a finger towards an all knowing character in the sky, and neother is maynard. His lyrics for the most part are commentary that is personal to individual moments in his life, in an interpreted and eloquent form. The individual members of the band seem interested in spirituality as a mental journey, or of opening up one's eye to the reality of the frailty of the world and everything in it. There is no almighty creator that watches over us, it is us who need to watch over ourselves, and the only way to do that effectively is to open your mind to the reality of how horrible the human race can be, and is, right now.

Easier Digestion | Reviewer: 111 | 1/11/12

In Hermetic and Occult realms, the Moon holds the "Reflection" of the Sun. The Sun casts its light upon the Moon, which the Moon in turn "houses" the light. The Sun/Sol is Phallic, meaning "Masculine" and the Moon/Luna is "Feminine". When a man says he found his "Reflection", it means his "One" his "true love". When you look at the original lyrics, the "R" in "Reflection" is upper-case. When this formula is applied to the song, it goes down much easier for an easier digestion.

Also, "God" in any Tool or A Perfect Circle or Puscifer song is NOT aiming at the Judeo-Christian God. They do not believe in any type of "superior deity". Every member of TOOL are quite avid about a particular spirituality; a clue to this is the picture of Danny in "10,000 Days" (as well as their lyrics, images, etc. "When 1 and 1 are 1. ELEVEN. So glow CHILD glow!"). "Go ahead, snoop around!"

just a thought | Reviewer: eaglesquill | 5/27/11

Maynard's lyrics are so versatile. A great songwriter can pen down lyrics with a certain meaning only to them but evolves and becomes into universally meaning for each individual. All said (& I'm sure your all aware of that fact; as well as this one)...Brena is the name of the mother of his only son, Devo.

fragmented reflection | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/11

the song starts out my reflection wraps and pulls me under, which makes me think about being ashamed of something you want to stop doing but havent been able to and the rest begging for an outside force, anything to help break the cycle, open up and do what you feel is right.

wow | Reviewer: Ivelina | 5/1/11

I`d like to thank all of the people who interpreted the song here. Especially the part of the men` s vulnerability. I have a boyfriend, and he says that he has been not crying for 12 years. I think everybody has this vulnerable place inside of them, and it is nessesary to just... let go. Let all the shit go from time to time. And that is my feeling about this song .

mixmasterfizzle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/11

this is the song that was playing over and over in my head when i was suffering from hypothermia and lost in the woods last week at 4am by myself. somehow after a few hours i found my car but ended up driving it into a swamp in a panic

The meaning of... | Reviewer: Counterclocks | 1/25/11

Wow I love the way you all interpret song lyrics. As a songwriter I usually envision a theme or a story and then construct thoughts that pertain to the subject, using words and phrases that create a familiar view for you. I see that the way you guys decode it is sometimes more poetic or intricate than the intended or written way... So thanks so much for giving other, more deeper meaning to the words we carefully choose and use in order to connect with you. Cheers, J.C.

reply | Reviewer: Daemon | 12/8/10

songs not about god, its about a girl and his selfrealization of some faullt or pain he is leaving open and vulnerable in order to fully heal and be whole. the water of breña is symbolic with sin and cleansing and healing, so maynard kinda touched on theres an island breña where its inhabitants believe the water's heal, its also his wifes middleman name but to be honest maynard is never clear in the means, just the ends.... peace ya'll

Truth for All | Reviewer: knew wake | 10/2/10

This is just my interpretation, as I have been studying mysticism lately.
Every Tool and Every APC song seems to try to open the masses eyes to the realization of God.

God does not have to be some holier than holy person sitting high on a throne in white robes.
I believe the point Maynard is trying to make is that God is the creator of all. Things good and things evil.
Nothing is out of reach for the Godhead, and we as humans who continuously deny that truth are trapped into believing that this world is justified in terms of black and white, good and evil, bad and good, happy and sad.
The extremes are just extremes because even through darkness one can find the light.
Even bands revered as "Satanic" (e.g Slipknot) are still talking about the light. The emanation. the knowledge of God.
I hope you understand. If you do not that's ok you will. Read anything Thomas Merton.

an understanding | Reviewer: brennon | 5/10/09

1st and foremost i like this song a lot. But honestly it reminds me a side of myself i am trying to understand. That vulnerable part of myself that would allow me to heal if i let it. it reminds me of the tool song "jimmy", it makes sense you know... im a guy, and i have a penis so... ladies!? but when i allow myself to heal and to be open i am like a girl, vulnerable i guess, which is very real. it's that side of myself that i see only when i am lost in between the sounds and utter the sound, and listen.