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Breathe Carolina is an Electronica band from Denver,
Colorado, composed of Kyle Even and David Schmitt. When the
band tours, they have live musicians that play with them,
one being Joshua Andrew, who has his own project, The Spin
Cycle. The live musicians add synth (Luis), keytar (Josh
Andrew), sound guy, samples, and lights (Eric) and soon a
drummer (Unknown). According to the band, the etymology of
the band's name refers to a dream one of the group's
members had "encouraging an older woman, Carolina, to calm
down in the midst of More...

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Hello Fascination? | Reviewer: Socoollikeyou
    ------ About the song Hello Fascination performed by Breathe Carolina

This song is pretty amazing!!! I can't really put my finger on the meaning... But I'll try to explain what it means to me. The way I see the song is thats there was a girl/girls the singer had feelings for. Then as time went on the girl started to doubt the singer. That explains the part that goes " Your questioning the answers of the faith you've put in me". And then the girl was going to break up with him or leave him forever. But he releazed this and broke up with her instead. And the Hello Fascination part I think is more of a question... Its like Hello Fascination? Like hes fascinated by how things happen... This is just my opinion on what the song means. If yours is diffrent thats cool. Thats how songs are written they mean diffrent things to diffrent people.

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