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Anna Nalick Breathe (2 AM) Lyrics

Last updated: 05/06/2011 11:00:00 AM

2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake,
"Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?
I don't love him. Winter just wasn't my season"

Yeah we walk through the doors, so accusing their eyes
Like they have any right at all to criticize,
Hypocrites, you're all here for the very same reason

'Cause you can't jump the track; we're like cars on a cable
and life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button, girl.
So cradle your head in your hands
And breathe, just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe

May he turned 21 on the base at Fort Bliss
"Just a day", he said down to the flask in his fist,
"Ain't been sober, since maybe October of last year."

Here in town you can tell he's been down for a while,
But, my God, it's so beautiful when the boy smiles,
Wanna hold him; Maybe I'll just sing about it.

'Cause you can't jump the track; we're like cars on a cable,
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table.
No one can find the rewind button, boys
So cradle your head in your hands,
And breathe, just breathe
Oh breathe, just breathe

There's a light at each end of this tunnel, you shout
'Cause you're just as far in as you'll ever be out
and These mistakes you've made, you'll just make them again
If you only try turning around.

2 AM and I'm still awake, writing a song
If I get it all down on paper, it's no longer
inside of me, threatening the life it belongs to

And I feel like I'm naked in front of the crowd
'Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud
And I know that you'll use them, however you want to

But you can't jump the track; we're like cars on a cable,
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button, now
Sing it if you understand,
and breathe, just breathe
oh breathe, just breathe,
oh breathe, just breathe,
oh breathe, just breathe

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A perfect fit:) | Reviewer: Emly | 5/5/11

One thing I love about this song is you can interpret it how ever it fits your life. It can mean so many things, every one different for each person. Whatever your life story, you can probably fit it to this song. You could be the desperate friend, the boy at fort bliss, or the narator of the song. This is how the best songs are written. No deffinet meaning. Have fun connecting this song to your own life and interpret it how ever its best for whats going on in your life:)

my take | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/10

ok so first verse probably the what do i do i think i'm preganant phone call. second verse ok people ft bliss is a real place you start drinking there at 18 that is all there is to do there it sucks and most people are depressed with out even going to war there. if you a few pack to back deployments on to it you whould be sad too. especialy because it sounds like he is far away feom the girl he got pregnant back home. well and since most millitary girl friends don't give the guy a choice bout the baby thats probably part of the drinking also. the rest of the song is pretty self explanitory and its a great song

Can't think of a title...(: | Reviewer: Sammy | 11/4/09

I think that this song is deep and calming, it gives everyone something to see in it, because in some way every situation has it's own relation to this song, I love this song!
It's gotten me threw the hardest of times.

I think the first verse could be about rehab or abortion, er something along those lines.

Second verse is obviously about alcohol.

Third & So on; Realization and acception.
I think she gave up trying to run away, when she knows there is no way to get away from any of it.

2nd Verse | Reviewer: Beth | 7/24/09

Fort Bliss is a real Army base, Alcholism is a rapent problem in the military, often when soldiers get deployed they come back with varying degrees of PTSD or post traumatic stess disorder and the alcholism often times only becomes worse, PTSD is a serious problem and a lot of guys wind up getting out on it so the second verse could vary well be about a soldier or former soldier she knows and how between the PTSD and the alcholism the boy is never happy and its just a shame

Slightly Confused.... | Reviewer: NO-Name | 2/23/09

All right, here's what I think of it: first verse: A girl who fell for a guy that had some drug problems, and, when they "walk through the doors", it's a alcohol support group, (follow?) but first she says she doesn't love him. THEN, the second verse, it's talking about him and his alcohol problem, and the songwriter is talking about how he can't rewind time. And, the "mistakes" are all the drugs he's been doing. At the end, when she's talking about how it's her diary, it really is her diary. The Girl at the beginning is the songwriter's friend, who was dating a guy who had drug problems. And she was still awake at two A.M. writing about it all. That's how I took it.

mac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/09

This song is not about abortion or alcoholism in peticular, it's about the strugles we all face in life whether we're girls or boys and no matter who we are, we all share the same feelings sometime. She's using different stories to express her inner emotions which is her "diary" and she does the best she can but because they are just examples of situations in which people may feel helpless she know's that it may not be easy to understand and people will read whatever they wnt into it.

Breath.. Abortion? | Reviewer: Ashley | 1/13/09

Me and my friend somehow brought up the subject of this song today, it got me thinking.

I agree, i think that the first stanza is about a girl going to an abortion clinic, although, the first time i heard it i took the first stanza as just another mistake a girl made, i guess i didn't dig deeper. No i understand, so this girl walks into the abortion clinic, and all the people are looking at her wierd, even thought they're all there for the same reason, and she's embarrased to be there, but shouldn't be because the people who see her are there too.

Okay, when she say "she calls me because i'm still awake", it's her contimplating herself and the mistake she made inside her head, not actually getting a call...

and of course the second part is alcholism.
I just never connected the two, but i do see how they could be related.

The song can be taken various ways, and that's why i think so many people find little ways to relate to it. Overall, one of the best songs ever.

New spin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/09

Let me give a whole new spin on what I think this song is about. I think she is getting a divorce and they are walking into the court room.
Someone said that Fort Bliss is a generic base camp, but it is real. Fort Bliss is a United States Army post in the U.S. states of New Mexico and Texas.
In the song she said
(May he turned 21 on the base at Fort Bliss Just a day," he said down to the flask in his fist,
"Ain't been sober, since maybe October of last year")
I think she has a abusive husband..... He starting drinking at 21 and his fist ain't been sober.

the song and abortion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/08

I think the 1st verse is about abortion, and the second alcoholism.

And to me its saying that you cant run from pregnancy by having an abortion. In the line "your just as far in as you'll ever be out" I take it as you are a mother now and nothing can change that, no matter if the baby is dead or alive. In the line "these mistakes that you've made you'll just make them again, if you only try turning around" means to me if you never face the consequences of your actions you will continue to make mistakes. And basically the same meaning for the alcoholism, just change the situation from abortion to facing your problems with using.

my take was abortion as well | Reviewer: anon. | 11/6/08

I always thought the first verse was about abortion, i never really related the first and second verses to eachother but some of these reviews make sense of it.
This is mine and my best friends song. "2am and she calls me cos I'm still awake, can you help me unravel my latest mistake- I don't love him"
story of our lives really.
This song is amazing.