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Red Hot Chili Peppers Breaking The Girl Lyrics

Last updated: 05/14/2013 01:10:42 PM

I am a man
Cut from the know
Rarely do friends
Come and then go
She was a girl
Soft but estranged
We were the two
Our lives rearranged
Feeling so good that day
A feeling of love that day

Twisting and turning
Your feelings are burning
You're breaking the girl
She meant you no harm
Think you're so clever
But now you must sever
You're breaking the girl
He loves no one else

Raised by my dad
Girl of the day
He was my man
That was the way
She was the girl
Left alone
Feeling the need
To make me her home
I don't know what when or why
The twilight of love had arrived

Twisting and turning
Your feelings are burning
You're breaking the girl
She meant you no harm
Think you're so clever
But now you must sever
You're breaking the girl
He loves no one else

Twisting and turning
Your feelings are burning
You're breaking the girl
She meant you no harm
Think you're so clever
But now you must sever
You're breaking the girl
He loves no one else

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Seen by a soul group connected | Reviewer: Sian | 5/14/13

I guess to myself I believe some people feel very connected to this song.. because there is a connection feeling of some sort of relevance to their own life maybe because all those souls have things in common with Anthony Keidis maybe the upbringing, the run threw drugs, personality or simply tot he fact of the same horoscope.

I do not know but I do feel as though I go threw life feeling connected and comfortable in the energy of certain people (hence best friends). So to me and my life this song is about a young girl 15 leaving home as she feels she cannot live there anymore because of her upbringing so she cuts all ties with her family to seek refuge from her memories and unfortunate circumstances looks towards drugs and homelessness, when she finds a man older than her who takes her off the streets gives her a home and food but still both consist to smoke marijuana to escape both heir harsh lives. She falls in love with him though he holds back as she is 12 years younger than him she is still immature and he is scared he will get into trouble from being with her but he still cares about her deeply he tries to push her away so neither of them have to hurt, their anger and impatience get the best of them but yet every time the connection of the two bring them back. But that is just my life and im sure there are thousands whom their lives relate to this song and many songs because that's what songs are energy about situations and this one being love so I think we are all right and its beautiful that so many people look into the meaning of songs they love because in a way of finding the meaning they find a bit more of themselves.

theres a dual meaning in this song | Reviewer: mdv | 6/25/12

I think this song is partially about his relationship with his dad how his dad was a womanizer and how he doesnt want to end up like he father , but also it's about being in love with someone who is just broken and no matter what u do you can't fix that person because there just to broken. So in the end all u can do is save yourself and your own sanity , even if that means completely destroying the person you love and loves you.

I agree with timmy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/12

"This song is about... | Reviewer: timmy | 1/25/09

Anthony's relationship with Carmen. He felt he had to leave her, because she was going crazy and a distraction towards the making of BSSM, but at the same time he really cared about her, he just couldn't be the caretaker for all of her pain.

It's also about not wanting to become like his father and go from girl to girl, because that's a pretty lonely situation.

It's not about Ione or Jennifer, or running off with and shooting coke and leaving either of them behind. He wrote this after getting clean."

....That would add extra meaning to what I've always believed it was about. Psychologically breaking your positive feelings towards someone you had to leave. At the same time as possibly breaking the person, because they might not be able to handle it.

Biography | Reviewer: joel | 1/5/12

i am currently reading his book, scar tissue, and in it he says that the song is about how when he was a teenager his dad had a new girl over every night, "girl of the day", they werent prostitutes, just woman blackie (his father picked up). it is an ode to how his father and people who do this in general, are breaking the girl both physically and emotionaly.

Insider | Reviewer: kelly | 7/21/11

It is NOT about the girl losing her virginity. The song has WAY too much emotionality in it for it to be solely about that. Actually, the song is about a relationships involving more than just the 2 in love - it's complicated. And believe me, the girl was BROKEN emotionally - and she was NOT Anthony's girlfriend, but someone else's. And why would he talk to himself when singing, "Think you're so clever..."? Because he's not, he's talking to another rock band singer. That's a fact.

breaking the girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/10

i think he is subconsciously playing games, as if he is afraid of commitment but won't admit it to himself. he loves the girl but can't seem to show her in the right way, so she feels destroyed when he sends her mixed signals. he's breaking her down, even though he loves her and doesn't want anyone else.

According to Anthony | Reviewer: Brian the Dog | 6/27/10

This song is about a model he dated named Carmen. She was a crazy and beautiful animal that fell in love with Anthony but was extremely jealous and insecure. Anthony broke it off before they went to the Mansion to record BSSM. The allusions to his father indicate how unfulfilling he found the 'girl-a-day' lifestyle to be, but how difficult it was to avoid it, having been raised by a womanizing bachelor.

His Dad | Reviewer: Lacie | 5/2/10

If I remember, I read that his dad either ran a brothel or had prostitutes over or living with them a lot. I think this was about a prostitute his dad had bought or had living with them, and Anthony fell in love with her.

The book | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/09

I read the book. and Kiedis explains what this song is about. It's about how his dad brought in new girls all the time. and how he looked up to his dad as a role model, but saw him break it off with girls so many times.

Not what everyone thinks... | Reviewer: Chris | 11/16/09

Dissecting the lyrics of any RHCP song is an art, and never a science. With that in mind, I honestly believe that this song is an allusion to the girl loosing HER virginity (twilight of love). "Breaking," like one would "break" a horse... make it "rideable" or "tame." It is certainly not a reference to drugs though. "clever/sever" could be a reference to getting her into bed and then experiencing physical separation afterwards. Any thoughts?

sliver | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/09

two smart but fucked up addicts get together & fall in love & commit to each other on a beautiful day but he, like his dad goes out &, although he doesn't love anyone else, he parties & leaves her at home & they drift apart till love is lost hmmm..sounds like my soon to be broken marriage.

BREAKING THE GIRL... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/09

...Is a very emotional song to me, 'cause Keides was raised by his dad & his dad was womanizer, so Anthony saw his dad with a different woman everyday almost. So yh I guess he kinda picked tht up from his dad & in a way dosent wanna b like his dad. Which is y he says 'I am a man cut from the norm'. Meaning, as I said, earlier, he dosent wanna be like his dad.

rhcp | Reviewer: nsb | 8/3/09

i think this is about a man who was in love with a girl, but cheated on her when he was in the wrong mindset, and she found out, and in that way he is "breaking the girl" and they break up "now you must sever" but even though he cheated on her, he still loves no one else but her, "she did [him] no harm" in that all she did was love and care about him, and she get's cheated on in return.

subject | Reviewer: eoin | 4/25/09

i read the autobiography and its something to do with anthony's dad and how he treated women. that's the singers meaning but the personal meaning of this song to me is the bad treatment of women sometimes (vague enough for ya ;) )

pussy | Reviewer: iza | 2/15/09

I think this song represents exactly what pussy- men do to women who love them, they break them when they get too close! And for some reason there are women who think having a man's baby will make them stay. WAKE UP WOMEN! Lets start breaking some men they obviously deserve it, except the nice ones who probably have a small penis.