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Some would argue BEN BURNLEY is a perfectionist. But for
BREAKING BENJAMIN’s singer, guitarist, and visionary, there
is no other modus operandi for his craft. With that
dedication, BURNLEY and his bandmates–guitarist AARON FINK,
bassist MARK JAMES, and drummer CHAD SZELIGA–have built
2006’s meticulous, infectious hard rock milestone PHOBIA
(Hollywood Records). Building on their trademark
hard-charging rhythms, sharp hooks, and soaring vocals,
PHOBIA marks BREAKING BENJAMIN’s third album.

For BURNLEY, who typically writes at least 10 More...

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Review about Breaking Benjamin songs
amazing song | Reviewer: jessie
    ------ About the song Until The End performed by Breaking Benjamin

This song has helped a lot and has helped me realize you have to keep pushing in life no matter what u cant give up and how it is easier to fall apart than to hold yourself together I couldn't put it in better words this song says it all

2 meanings | Reviewer: Jared
    ------ About the song Until The End performed by Breaking Benjamin

I personally believe this song has two meanings, 2 years ago i was thinking about suicide from being bullied, I heard this song on Pandora and thought, why should I give up on life? Now that im past that, im no longer bullied but use this song as inspiration not to give up on losing weight and getting stronger. Of course it could have more meanings but these two are the ones that I've found and keep me alive :-)

Take it as you wish | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Evil Angel performed by Breaking Benjamin

I'm a Christian, and I enjoy Breaking Benjamin's music. In my opinion, a lot of BB lyrics can't be completely understood unless you are Ben himself or someone close to him. That said, I think the Evil Angel in this song can be seen three ways: 1) the Angel of Death or something demonic, 2)An ex-girlfriend he can't let go of and/or someone he knows is bad for him, or 3) substance abuse, which is how I see it. Ben has Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome because of his alcohol addiction. Unless what I've read is wrong, he was still drinking when he wrote the songs for Phobia, and Dear Agony is the first album he wrote sober. Any way you look at it, this song is haunting. It's one of my favourites.

a amazing and hideous performence ! i love breaking benjamin | Reviewer: singh Garry golra
    ------ About the song Believe performed by Breaking Benjamin

all the above comments dous'nt matter rather this i think its stunned performence the singing style is just altered but its more better than preavious! i say just go on benjamins bring out your this music agian remain (better days 2013). more benjamin i am a huge fan of ur crawling and screaming its inspiration boldness!

Always, Breaking Benjamin | Reviewer: Cookiebar
    ------ About the song Always performed by Breaking Benjamin

To the guy who said it should be "my veins" instead of "my brain" this song was written by an artist. it's perfect as it is, one of my very favorite songs by Breaking Benjamin, and they're one of my favorite bands.

i started crying whenever listen this song | Reviewer: shelja
    ------ About the song Anthem Of The Angels performed by Breaking Benjamin

this song is so close to me,the day my friend left me i heard this song first time,i know the real meaning of it when i felt this departure pain from heart,i think this song is every one soul cry .

the vampire diaries | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dance With The Devil performed by Breaking Benjamin

I first heard that song in The Vampire Diaries , so of course it reminds me of Elena , Damon and Stefan. Same story like that comment with the two boys who love one girl , it's the same situation and I think that song is just perfect to Damon and Elena , because he is the devil and they dance together , but Stefan tries to stop them but in the end Elena chooses Damon - the devil.

Livin legend | Reviewer: Nada
    ------ About the song Diary Of Jane performed by Breaking Benjamin

I just fuckin love each n every single word he sings. It will b deep wid emotions. The lyrics suits the musics n his voice so soothing. I like to listen to their songs specially during rainy season bcz it perfectly fits d atmosphere. It's raining now n iam singing diary of jane.
'you' by bb is also great. As i said bfre i just love their every song n i have 'em all in ma mp3 :)

A moving song | Reviewer: Heather
    ------ About the song Anthem Of The Angels performed by Breaking Benjamin

Not very many songs have the power to bring tears to my eyes, but this is one that puts me in that state. Simply put, this is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Anthem of the Angels is now my favorite song from Breaking Benjamin.

BB lover | Reviewer: Danny
    ------ About the song Dear Agony performed by Breaking Benjamin

this song is my top three favorite including dance with the devil and diary of Jane I love the part
Dear agony
just let go of me
suffer slowly
is this the way its gotta be?
dear agony.
I can relate to that
i tried.bfmv but they dont have the talent that bb has
I love you breaking Benjamin hope you guys regroup!!

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