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Dream Theater Breaking All Illusions Lyrics

Last updated: 03/02/2013 06:13:51 AM

With the sun in place,
There’s a test of faith.
Streams of thought awaken

New realities,
Breaking all illusions...

Sudden burst of heat;
Burning source of life.
Masterful destruction...

Power’s not an act;
It’s understanding truth.
Changing my direction...

Live in the moment,
Breathe in a new beginning.
Wisdom revealed
As I unlearn to learn:
Life’s biggest battles
Often are fought alone!
My spirit brings me home...

Emerald thoughts flow
Through my consciousness,
Drawn to curses left behind!
Test of will, the threshold to one’s faith,
Starts a fire in the mind!

Searching out,
Reaching in
To arrive
Where I began!
Sights remembered
In the light!

Searching out,
Reaching in
To arrive
Where I began!
Sounds remembered
Come alive!

Embrace the days,
Don’t turn away.
Life’s true intent needs patience.
Karma starts the signal!

Thanks to Emylia Hawke for submitting Breaking All Illusions Lyrics.

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my review of A Dramatic Turn of Events' best song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/12

brilliant song, by far the best on the album. combined with 'far from heaven' it somewhat reminds me of wait for sleep/learning to live with the piano riff being included in both songs.
but, John Myung has finally released that pent-up energy from his absence from lyric writing, and that energy is symbolised in this song. good job Dream Theater!