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Spinal Tap Break Like the Wind Lyrics

Last updated: 12/06/2007 10:00:00 AM

We are the children who grew too fast
We are the dust of a future past
We raise our voices in the night
Crying to heaven
And will our voices be heard
Or will they Break Like The Wind
We are the footprints across the sands
We are the thumb on a stranger's hand
We made a promise in the night
Swearing to heaven Is this a promise we keep
Or one we Break Like The Wind
We are the guests who have stayed too long
We are the end of the endless song
We send our hearts into the night
Soaring to heaven
And will out hearts still beat on
Or will they Break Like The Wind
Ooh, Break Like The Wind.

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SImpsons | Reviewer: Russell | 12/6/2007

Ya i guess you can say i heard this from simpsons and didn't know anything about Spinal Tap and the dark begining followed by the rise was awesome i love it

SPINAL TAP RULES! | Reviewer: Oscar | 10/2/2007

I like this song...and I also heard it first on thr SImpsons...simply....simply the best stuff.
Everything that came out during the 80's rocks.
Babes such as Belinda Carlisle....guys like Randy Rhoads...old good MTV...oh man.
I am 21 years old and I want the 80's Back CUZ I MISSED THEM!

This song is awesome! | Reviewer: Bukujutsu | 6/25/2007

Seriously, I started searching for it a few days after I heard it on the simpsons. I had no idea spinal tap was a real band(sort of). Man, the mellow, dark begining followed by the rise, repeated, the cool lyrics. I like it!