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Ashlee Simpson Break Down Lyrics

Last updated: 05/02/2005 12:00:00 PM

Break Down

The lights is off and theres no cameras
Also theres little light everytime I walk
Then Wild Boys pop up from no where and
they started
carry me around and they do alot of things
around me so.....

Break down
Break down my heart and my heart is in my soul
so break down
break down my life out and I'm a girl that you want
Also I need to break down away by myself
So break down
Break down

Now 'm lock in my room thats really dark
and I could go crazy also I coulddo anything
in my own room and you could watch me move around
like those wild boys did to me so go down,get low
(repeat chorus 2times)
Thanks to Zulieta for submitting Break Down Lyrics.