Brandy Albums

  • Two Eleven Album (10/16/2012)
    Wildest Dreams
    So Sick
    No Such Thing as too Late
    Let Me Go
    Without You
    Put It Down
    Hardly Breathing
    Do You Know What You Have?
    Scared of Beautiful
    Wish Your Love Away
    Paint This House
    Bonus Tracks
    Can You Hear Me Now?
    What You Need

  • Human Album (12/8/2008)
    The Definition
    Warm It Up (With Love)
    Right Here (Departed)
    Piano Man
    Long Distance
    Torn Down
    Shattered Heart
    A Capella (Something's Missing)
    1st & Love
    Gonna Find My Love
    Locket (Locked In Love)

  • The Best of Brandy Album (4/5/2005)
    Best Friend
    I Wanna Be Down
    Angel In Disguise
    The Boy Is Mine
    Almost Doesn't Count
    Top Of The World (feat. Ma$e)
    U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To)
    Have You Ever?
    Full Moon
    What About Us
    Who Is She 2 U
    Talk About Our Love
    Sittin' Up In My Room
    Rock With You
    Another Day In Paradise
    I Wanna Be Down (Remix)

  • Afrodisiac Album (6/29/2004)
    Who I Am
    Who Is She 2 U?
    Talk About Our Love
    I Tried
    Where You Wanna Be
    Turn It Up
    Say You Will
    Come As You Are
    How I Feel
    Should I Go?

  • Full Moon Album (3/5/2002)
  • Never Say Never Album (6/9/1998)
  • Brandy Album (3/1/1995)

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    Reviews about Brandy albums
    This album "human" deserve an adorable award. | Reviewer: Anas M, musa
        ------ About the album Human performed by Brandy

    While the album is unique surely, but i choose "Camouflage, long distance, & fall, these are the must favoured tracks in this album. Brandy u still the one. So keep it up, i lov u all.

    i love the god give voice of Brandy. Go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: tylet mccoy
        ------ About the album Full Moon performed by Brandy

    i wish i could meet such a great artis who had earned her spot as a young women from actress, singer and talk with her. please keep bring song the not express u but touch each and everyone of us all. god bless u!!!

    the brandy album is the bomb'''''' | Reviewer: stacey
        ------ About the album Brandy performed by Brandy

    this album is one of her best album to come out ever yet and brandy you are the bomb' 'and you're music is inspirational and it makes me feel happy on the inside like when I'm having a bad day and it also smooth and ease your mind anytime of the day or night brandy I love you girl and I'm from Jamaica and I meant everything I said in this text and keep doing your thing girlfriend. And I love your music and style of music and your personality too. And you have a beautiful voice too brandy.

    one of the Brandy's greatest albums | Reviewer: ethan
        ------ About the album Human performed by Brandy

    This is honestly one of Brandy's best albums. Every song tells a story. The vocals are on point and the beats suit the genre, the time and the song. Camouflage is a track to listen to, while the rest are all 'non-skip' songs.

    Brandy | Reviewer: musiclovinchic,Retro
        ------ About the album Afrodisiac performed by Brandy

    Brandy has proved to be more than a solid artist from day one and keeps growing.
    I had the luxury of seeing her in concert during her early career and was impressed and became a fan for life!
    Brandy has a mature, raspy, yet sweet mellow voice that can transcend into various genres.
    Aphrodisiac is a smooth follows up from Full Moon.
    The tracks on Aphrodisiac flow well together fusing playfully fun dance tunes with soft sexy melodies that serve as Brandy's signature style.
    Aphrodisiac earns a star grade of B; not Bran’s best body of Work, but certainly ranks high on the entertainment radar of great Artist and music creativity.


    props | Reviewer: da real
        ------ About the album Never Say Never performed by Brandy

    Ii think brandy is the biggest r n b girl to ever do it out There. An
    And this album came out like among the biggest to Ever hit the
    Streets big up Bran don't ever get put down. Love and Bless.
    And don't ever sign. Do you. Xx

    Two Eleven | Reviewer: VOA
        ------ About the album Two Eleven performed by Brandy

    So last week I listened to the Rhianna Unapologetic album for the first time and I thought it was the hottest thing out. But then someone asked me what do I think of the Brandy album? I had no idea she even came out with one. So I checked it out and I have to say that I got into it immediately. This is one of those albums that you put on and lay back and let it take you wherever the clouds are. Love it better than Rhianna's and I can't believe its not being promoted more.

    The Best Album by Brandy!!!! | Reviewer: Tay
        ------ About the album Never Say Never performed by Brandy

    This is a great album ..... This is one of those albums you will never get tired of. Years from now you will be able to play this over n over like it just came out. Brandy u rock CLASSIC!!!!

    Comments | Reviewer: Harmonic Manor
        ------ About the album Human performed by Brandy

    I think this album deserves an award. The arrangement, progressions and melodies of the songs are on another level. The whole album rocks! but i must admit Piano man, fall and long distance take me to another world.
    I give it 10/10

    nozipho | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Afrodisiac performed by Brandy

    B-Rocka kicks arse! period! all her albums are a hit. and she just gets better with every album she produces. her song are the it thing. you guys should try it for yourselves. the songs will be plying up in your head long after you listened to her songs. that's how good she is.anyone who has bought her masterpice albums, they are not regretting it. i'm the living proof. try it out you guys! afrodisiac, full moon, never say never and you'll be blown away! period.

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