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Brandy is a very successful young lady.She has been working very hard and setting examples for many young black ladies. Along side her brother RayJ who plays on the hit TV show Moesha,which is played by non other than Brandy,she is an inspiration to all. Entering talent contest since she was just a little baby,brandy says her influence came from the very talented Whitney Houston. With her new CD brandy is expected to blow up even more. Reason being,her single What About Us has hit number 1 on 106 and park along side FULL MOON for a couple of weeks and on message boards everywhere.....they are talking about who? thats right! BRANDY!

Well whats the latest scoop on brandy? This young lady is expected to be having a baby very soon and is also married to her childhood friend.While on the Oprah Winfrey show recently Brandy was accompanied by her mother (who also handles her financial business and what goes in her daughters music career)her father,and her husband who she eloped with.While on the show brandy discussed many things including her family life with her mother. She explained how sometimes she felt as if her mother was making mother decisions when she should have been making business decisions and making business decisions when she should have been making mother decisions.

Although her life was always in the spotlight brandy expressed the need not to put her marriage into the public eye for a while because when she was to get married,she didnt want to make a big deal out of it...SHE JUST WANTED TO BE WITH THE ONE SHE LOVED. Brandy does not currently know what she is going to name her baby but i can absoulutley guarantee that any child of Brandy's will be very talented,just like Brandy. Her new album is blowing up so make sure you go out and purchase it to show your love and appreciation for the well rounded...Mrs.Brandy Norwood wait...I mean Mrs.Brandy WHATEVER HER LAST NAME IS! keep it real,keep it gully and be safe.

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i wana be down | Reviewer: IBEH BRUNO | 12/11/13

Brandy you are a very unique singer i had ever knew in my life.Your music have all the ingredients of life,is it love,hate,encouragement,motivations,racisim,politics and peace.anytime am sad i always play this ur track and it gives me i will like to hear from ur No 1 fan 4rm Nigeria.

MY INSPIRATION | Reviewer: Lizzy M | 7/30/12

Hy there Brandy,you are just the bets and your music inspires me to lean on myself and go out there to face on the world.i love your tracks,especially tomorrow,it just knows how to heal my heart...much the way i can sing it from end to beggining.xoxo

appriciation | Reviewer: jeremiah chanda | 8/7/11

i just wanna say thank you brandy for the inspirational music that you are giving us. Its really good to realise that in the world they're great things which sometimes you could never imagine until you sing . your music always gives that sence to start imagining great thhings and bring them to reality. I love you and you're my no1 fun...

The heart toutching | Reviewer: Murtala b. Umar | 5/12/11

for long i have being searching for the thing that would cool the mountings of my stress & make me to be ever happy till i find u brandy. Your voice is what really make me to feel at home wherever iam

matt mutayo | Reviewer: matt mutayo | 1/22/11

I'm your fan and love you so much not because you're beautiful but,by your text,your message in the songs and especially by your voice. I'm the fist Congolese who liked your music without understand what you were talking about but now i can hear all message in English because of following you. i bet I'll meet you one day.

Review human album | Reviewer: Nazeeef hassan | 3/4/09

Ain't got sweet words to express how deeply i adore brandy.i love the incredible lyrics she uses,her songs are heart and soul touching she really keeps her fan's lives goin she is just too much.too extraordinary i love her and i'll always cherish her.

I LoveYou B | Reviewer: Camille Massoud | 9/27/08

This is more of a question than it is a review. I keep searching for that cinderella movie you did a long time ago, but I just can't seem to find it. It would help alot if you e-mailed me and told me where to find it. Your best fan ever, Camille

it great | Reviewer: keneilwe gadilatolwe | 11/13/07

you r one of my best singers sinces you realesed the album full moon i love you GAL it up u ll be there for you in the bad and good conditions. MAY GOD SHOER YOU WITH HIS BLESSINGS

classic lady | Reviewer: rolandabishop | 4/4/07

Brandy is one of a kind lady and she work hard to show people who she really is she know where she is going and what she want to say keep going brandy and i will be waiting for the next cd you put out i have one question what is i tried is all about?

My Idol | Reviewer: garikka young | 10/20/04

i want to meet you your biggest fan Garikka

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