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Brainwashed in our childhood
Brainwashed by the school
Brainwashed by our teachers
And brainwashed by all their rules
Brainwashed by our leaders
By our Kings and Queens
Brainwashed in the open
And brainwashed behind the scenes

God God God
A voice cries in the wilderness
God God God
It was on the longest night
God God God
An eternity of darkness
God God God
Someone turned out the spiritual light

Brainwashed by the Nikkei
Brainwashed by Dow Jones
Brainwashed by the FTSE
Nasdaq and secure loans
Brainwashed us from Brussels
Brainwashed us in Bonn
Brainwashed us in Washington
Westminster in London

God God God
You are the wisdom that we seek
God God God
The lover that we miss
God God God
Your nature is eternity
God God God
Your are Existence, Knowledge, Bliss

The soul does not love, it is love itself
It does not exist, it is existence itself
It does not know, it is knowledge itself
How to Know God, pag 130

They brainwashed my great uncle
Brainwashed my cousin Bob
They even got my grandma
When she was working for the mob
Brainwash you while you're sleeping
While in your traffic jam
Brainwash you while you're weeping
While still a baby in your pram
Brainwashed by the military
Brainwashed under duress
Brainwashed by the media
You're brainwashed by the press
Brainwashed by computer
Brainwashed by mobile phones
Brainwashed by the satellite
Brainwashed to the bone

God God God
Won't you lead us through this mess
God God God
From the places of concrete
God God God
Nothing's worse than ignorance
God God God
I just won't accept defeat

God God God
Must be something I forgot
God God God
Down on Bullshit Avenue
God God God
If we can only stop the rot
God God God
Wish that you'd brainwash us too

Namah Parvarti Pataye Hare Hare Mahadev
Namah Parvarti Pataye Hare Hare
Namah Parvarti Pataye Hare Hare

Shiva Shiva Shankara Mahadeva
Hare Hare Hare Hare Mahadeva
Shiva Shiva Shankara Mahadeva
Shiva Shiva Shankara Mahadeva

Namah Parvarti Pataye Hare Hare
Namah Parvarti Pataye Hare Hare
Shiva Shiva Shankara Mahadeva
Shiva Shiva Shankara Mahadeva

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We Made It Through GW Bush | Reviewer: Ed Glick | 6/15/12

I listen to George's final album as an anthum to my life. It will be played, I expect, at my funeral. I live as a brother to him, forever aware, but forever non attached to the insanity that percolates.... endlessly in this bizarre society so divorced from GOD NATURE. I will have his sweet voice in my mind forever.

So Far Ahead of his time. A true genius | Reviewer: Trent | 2/3/08

I am a HUGE Beatles fan. And, like many others I have my favorites. But... I slowly find that even with my top two favorites John Lennon, and Paul McCartney. George is number 3. And, every time I hear something of his. I like it even more. Brainwashed by far is one of his best. The song itself is so catchy you could get brainwashed just by listening to it. LOL really, this song is not only a masterpiece, and a statement of George as not only a person. But, of spirituality. It is in someways a chilling reality to the world we live in. The album was released almost 8 years ago. And, the lyrics are more true now then then. George, and the other Beatles for that matter. Where not just some 4 guys who were teenage heart throbs, or a fad. The four young men were true artists, and brilliant spokesman of the Earth.

Brilliantly honest song, sung from the heart and so true - One of the best | Reviewer: Sadie | 4/27/05

This song is so true about what is happening in the world, well sung, well written, what more can I say, a wonderful way for everyone to remember George. One of the best song's I've ever heard.

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