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Bloodlet Brainchild Lyrics

Last updated: 09/18/2002 10:26:31 PM

Dissolve into one persecution of compassion cold Sabbath a dying man in a dying room alone with a demon the souls of your indiscretions hold your rage he is the key that sets them free cold in his hell fear of failure so you were forged from the hammers of gods underhand glance reeks of vengeance insignificant alone his hell I can hear him thinking but I can't listen brainchild of humanity suffering through his intellect mental scarification treasonous thoughts and his demons shriek never to be thought of again until next time I taste it bitter and bland as watered betrayal sifts across my mind doors in the heavens lead to tunnels in the mind where brainchild wades through the pissfountain searching for his lost loves black shape of the nexus controlling force face of stone unflinching unheard unloved whore