Braid Albums

  • Movie Music, Vol. 1 Album (3/28/2000)
    Sounds Like Violence
    Motion Light
    Perfect Pitch
    I'm Afraid Of Everything
    Radish White Icicle
    Now I'm Exhausted
    Fire Makes The House Grow
    That Car Came Out Of Nowhere
    (Strawberry Ann) Switzerland
    What A Wonderful Puddle
    First Day Back
    Hugs From Boys
    Forever Got Shorter
    Please Drive Faster
    Circus Of The Stars
    You're Lucky To Be Alive

  • Movie Music, Vol. 2 Album (3/28/2000)
    Jimmy Go Swimmer
    Eulalia, Eulalia
    Grand Theft Autumn
    To Kiss A Trumpet Player
    I'm Glowing And You're The Reason
    Do You Love Coffee?
    Consolation Prizefighter
    Bridge To Canada
    Painting Nebraksa
    Collect From Clark Kent
    Roses In The Car
    This Charming Man
    Always Something There To Remind Me

  • Frame And Canvas Album (4/7/1998)
    The New Nathan Detroits
    Killing A Camera
    Never Will Come For Us
    First Day Back
    Collect From Clark Kent
    Milwaukee Sky Rocket
    A Dozen Roses
    Urbana's Too Dark
    Consolation Prizefighter
    Breathe In
    I Keep A Diary

  • The Age Of Octeen Album (11/1/1996)
    My Baby Smokes
    Nineteen 75
    Jimmy Go Swimmer
    Movie Clock Star
    Eulalia, Eulalia
    Grace Car Part 1
    Harrison Ford
    American Typewriter
    The Chandelier Swing

  • Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five Album (6/1/1995)

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