Brad Paisley Lyrics

Age: 29
Born: October 28, 1972
Birth Place: Glen Dale, West Virginia
First Song: Born On Christmas Day
First Album: "Who Needs Pictures"

Brad Paisley will be the first to tell you he's led a
charmed life-that everything just seems to fall into place
for him. What he doesn't say-although it gradually becomes
evident-is that his run of good fortune has been enhanced
enormously by hard work, astounding musical talent and a
clear, unwavering vision of where he wants to go.

If ever circumstances conspired to create an all-around More...

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Review about Brad Paisley songs
It was beautiful.... | Reviewer: Gracelyn P
    ------ About the song He Didn't Have To Be performed by Brad Paisley

This is amazing. I met my father of my life when I was, well, it was the day I was born. I was not able to know my father, but the man that I call dad today, took me in as his own. Even though my dad it's adoptive and not my stepdad, it means so much to me.

For Glenn Cobb | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When I Get Where I'm Going performed by Brad Paisley

My cousin's husband Glenn has been fighting a mysterious illness that landed him in ICU. He lost his battle last night. This song was playing on the radio when I got word. I haven't heard it in a long time. Very appropriate and comforting.

reborn | Reviewer: xhan
    ------ About the song New Again performed by Brad Paisley

The video and the song really touches my heart. Whenever I heard this song or watch it, my tears were falling without noticing. It captivates my soul which makes me come closer to our Father Almighty. HE sacrificed HIS only begotten son just to save us from sin that's why we should value all God's creation and we should love each other and most the important thing to do is to obey HIS commandments with all our heart, minds and soul. See you there (paradise) brothers and sister.
-; )

Left me in tears | Reviewer: Stacey
    ------ About the song Letter to Me performed by Brad Paisley

I've never really liked country music, but I saw a link to the music video for "Letter to Me" on one of my favorite websites and thought I'd give it a listen since the title caught my eye. Wow. I am so glad I listened to it. I just moved to a different country several thousand miles away from my home, friends, and family, and I've been having a very rough time accepting the fact that my life will never be the same and that I'll never get to live out the plans I had for next year and the rest of high school (I'm about to be a sophomore). This song really touched my heart and helped me look at life through a new perspective. I cried so hard listening to it because it just resonated so deeply with me and all the emotions I've been feeling. The line about "Aunt Rita" especially stood out to me, because I guess we never know when our loved ones will pass on, and it's so important to let them know we love them every chance we get since they could leave us at any moment. I never thought I'd say this about a country artist, but Brad Paisley is very talented and knows how to express the feelings that we all experience while we're young, and he does so in such a beautiful and touching way. Wonderful song.

just what he needed to hear | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Letter to Me performed by Brad Paisley

This song came at a time when my son needed it. A friend of his sent him it and told him that it reminded her of him and his girlfriend. He called me in his room and told me to listen to this song it is about his life. She broke up with him at 7 months or so. Her family was devastated. They respected him and was so glad that their daughter and sister had meet a guy that treated her like a princess. That is rare in this day and age. Most boys treat their girlfriends poorly. The mom and kids had to visit him at work to tell him how much they wished this would not of happened and I guess they all had tears in their eyes. Teachers at school I guess had noticed that he was not himself. One teacher (I found out when he told me about this) had told him that he is a bright student and that he knows he is very smart but have noticed that something is wrong. Also another teacher told him what is wrong with you. Sorry so long but I hope that this song will help him thru this difficult time. It makes me so sad to see my child so depressed and sad.

    ------ About the song Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday performed by Brad Paisley



Felices Fiestas Navideñas | Reviewer: Edgard Burga
    ------ About the song Born On Christmas Day performed by Brad Paisley

Estas fiestas de Navideñas, brindaremos por el nacimiento de Dios en la tierra y que todas nuestras esperanzas y deseos de salud, sentimientos y prosperidad se realicen en bien de todos nosotros y en nuestras familias'. Son los deseos de tu familia en Perú que los extrañamos y queremos mucho, saludos y besos muy especiales para ti, Sahara y Paoliño que en nuestro brindis navideños, estaremos todos juntos y unidos Êdgard (Fà), y familia,..x...x....x

shes everything | Reviewer: ashley
    ------ About the song She's Everything performed by Brad Paisley

I played this song on my wedding day me and my husband danced to it . I love it. It is a awesome song i am always going to the bread paisley concert next friday thanks to my hubby . thank you hubby i love you (: josh's wife

Nostalgia | Reviewer: nicola
    ------ About the song Find Yourself performed by Brad Paisley

ever since i heard this in Cars, I always sung it to myself or play it in my head cos it's pretty nostalgic. the song speaks about changing yourself for the right things, self-realization and discovering new things through other people's perspectives.

whenever i hear this song, i keep remembering my childhood and who i was back then and i would just fantasize about having a time machine to meet that little girl in the past.

i especially love the part saying that "when you wind up lost, it's the best thing that could have happened, cos sometimes when you lose your way, it's really just as well, because you find yourself". it just reminded me of the little struggles i had back then and how it shaped me.

hearing this song, it just makes me want to become a child again because you experience things with curiosity and innocence

:/ | Reviewer: kenneth
    ------ About the song Find Yourself performed by Brad Paisley

this isnt just a song but an inspiration it speeks to the people listening it every word in the song means something its also a theory its what we would do from usual arrogant to plain nice "find yourself" is metaphorical for changing ur ways by extreme means

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