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A casual listen to the Boz Scaggs discography makes one
thing obvious: Boz Scaggs is both a musical seeker and a
man of sizable talent as a singer, songwriter and
guitarist. His explorations in blues and R&B, Rock and Jazz
have produced lasting work and a career that has brought
with it acclaim, a loyal followin, and an enduring respect
among musicians.

With MEMPHIS (429 Records), his first studio album in five
years, Scaggs looks back musically and biographically. (His
father and grandparents are from Memphis, as is his wife.)
“I had been thinking about a record that involved More...

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Remarkable song | Reviewer: Dave Heasman
    ------ About the song Sunny Gone performed by Boz Scaggs

These lyrics are a bit clumsy but incredibly heartfelt; the melody is wonderful. He was in Stockholm aged 21 in 1965; he's been brooding on this for 48 years. But there are a host of reasons why a (we assume) young girl should break off communicating with an American transient, not least family pressure. Scaggs is taking it terribly self-centredly like a teenager. I've played this song over a hundred times, and it gives more to think about every time.

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