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With its smooth brand of doo-wop/hip-hop, Boyz II Men has
spearheaded the renaissance of the R&B vocal group, in the
process revitalizing Motown Records (the band has become
Motown's best-selling act, and its second album, Boyz II
Men II, is the label's best-selling album of all time). The
Boyz have sold over thirty million albums worldwide as of
the first half of 1997, and have managed to capture plenty
of awards--not to mention plenty of hearts--along the way.

The Boyz II Men story begins in 1988, at the Creative &
Performing Arts More...

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Review about Boyz II Men songs
Loving Song | Reviewer: Idk
    ------ About the song End Of The Road performed by Boyz II Men

oh my GOD!!!!! I love dis song. Me n my uncle listens to dis song n it makes me have a whole slideshow of all my sad times n everythang like dat. Dis is one of the best Boys 2 Men songs ever. Lastly, i jus wanna say congrats to Boys 2 Men for makin dis song. I love it.

alwys love and mic u mom | Reviewer: thulsile
    ------ About the song A Song for Mama performed by Boyz II Men

my mom has passed away on 2003,whn i first heard dis song i cried its rimnd me of my moms lv she was alwys thr 4me whn i ws down &i nided a shoulder 2cry...'mama u'r de queen of my heart' rest in peace always lv u... ur gal 2lsile

I love grandpa | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday performed by Boyz II Men

My grandfather was called home to be with lord on June 26,2013. I miss him so much. Someone sang this song at his funeral. Every time I hear it I think of him and my grandmother. I love you both dearly. RIP babies. God's angels.

those who lost what they love | Reviewer: assiya
    ------ About the song It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday performed by Boyz II Men

Rip to my mom , to my bro and to my best friend. I miss u guys more than words can say. not a day goes by that I dont think of u and wonder how it would b if I had u beside me still. God give u the highest I give anything I have to give u the best in the next z life <3

special to me | Reviewer: EVERNICE
    ------ About the song A Song for Mama performed by Boyz II Men

an opportunity dat one must nva 4get is of the motherly mom z e one i lv vry much.shz e best ting dat hv hpnd in mi lyf
although we hv incounter dfcult we hv come a long way to destroy our foundation
our relationship n our love .dats why i hv built my world around her.she z always ere to mold m n guid m.

I LOVE HER SO MUC.......................................n no one wll know excerpt GOD

Colour of love | Reviewer: Stone Nde Sir Mburo
    ------ About the song Colour Of Love performed by Boyz II Men

Som tym b4 our tearz comz out we got many questn of y n y da midle of selfish peaple we got notin 2com4t us..lonlyness stil work wit me..i wil sing dis son colour f lv 2 dat 1 hu ma whol jorney f ma lyf..."come 2 me n ull c"...

Baby i miss you | Reviewer: -Taee .
    ------ About the song Baby I Miss You performed by Boyz II Men

This song made me shed a tear , reminds me of my baby . I love him ,& when were apart boy oh boy i wanna be back in his arms . When we have dissagreements we gotta work it out ' cause weve come to far to let it slip away ' .. Baby i miss you .

Best Friend | Reviewer: Reggie C.
    ------ About the song It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday performed by Boyz II Men

Whenever I play this song I bust out in tears and I can't stop thinking of my Best Friend Steve who was taken much to soon from us R.I.P., I'll never forget you or our friendship for all those many of years from childhood to adulthood..I still love you dude and I miss you very much.

My Belated Grandfather | Reviewer: HTB
    ------ About the song It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday performed by Boyz II Men

It's so hard to say goodbye. November 2,2012 my grandfather was called home. I lean not to my on understand or way but my father that sit high and look low. Knowing that I'm here all alone to face the world but to have God and a angel watching over me brings such peace of mind. Love always your grandson. In loving Memory Of The Late Samuel Gibson. 78 blessed years.

Jus hope i cn rily listen to these lyrics n hold on let him go i hv cried ol ma tears for him | Reviewer: Vykz ngcongo
    ------ About the song Just Hold On performed by Boyz II Men

I lvd him(Nko)so much i gave him ol ma lv ma trust i gave him so many chncz hopin tngs wud chnge bt na ntng chngd ts hard ivn to let wen um listening to dc song i jus feel dt i cn let him go cz i knw um stronger tnx boys to men.....i wil b duing jus fine wfawt him in ma lyf*teary*

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