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The Beatles Boys, What I Was Thinking... Lyrics

Last updated: 05/04/2010 12:00:00 PM

Ernie Wise: Did you enjoy that, boys? Now Boys, What I Was Thinking was, er... would you like to do a number with us, you know, we'd like to do a number together.
Beatles: Yeah, oh yes, great!
Eric Morecambe: Hey eh! It's the Kay Sisters, they've come! Great! Fabulous!
Ernie Wise: They're not the Kay Sisters, this is the...
Eric Morecambe: I'm glad you've dyed your hair!
Ernie Wise: This is The Beatles!
Eric Morecambe: Hello, Beatle!
George: Hello.
Eric Morecambe: Where is he?
Ernie Wise: Where is he?
Eric Morecambe: There he is, hello, Bongo!
Ernie Wise: That's Ringo!
Eric Morecambe: Oh, is he that as well, oh by Golly!
Ernie Wise: As you can gather, this is Eric. Say hello to Eric.
Paul: Hello, Eric.
Eric Morecambe: Hello, mate.
Paul: I remember you. You're the one with the short, fat, hairy legs!
Eric Morecambe: No no no, he's the one with the short, fat, hairy legs!
Ernie Wise: Yeah.
Eric Morecambe: No, him.
Ernie Wise: Yeah.
George: We're the one's with the big, fat, hairy heads! Get out of that!
Eric Morecambe: Eh! What's it like being famous?
John: Well, it's not like in your day, y'know.
Ernie Wise: What?
Eric Morecambe: That's an insult!
Ernie Wise: You didn't expect that, did you?"
Eric Morecambe: No! What do you mean, not like in my day?
John: Oh, my Dad used to tell me about you, y'know.
Ernie Wise: In the old days?
Eric Morecambe: You've still got a little dad, have you? His dad used to tell him, it's a bit strong isn't?
Ernie Wise: No, he's right!
Eric Morecambe: All right, Bonzo!
Ernie Wise: Bonzo?! That's Ringo!
Eric Morecambe: Yeah, him as well... get them off, they've done enough.
Ernie Wise: What do you mean, done enough?
Eric Morecambe: No well, I'm getting insulted now. Get off!!
Ernie Wise: No, what I was goin' to suggest was let's do a number with the boys.
Eric Morecambe: Oh yes, one that their Dad'll remember, that I used to do with your dad!
Ernie Wise: You go & get changed.
Eric Morecambe: Yes, I will, right.
Ernie Wise: What do you think we should do, boys? What about... er... something that's more suitable for Eric's age.
John: Moonlight Bay.
Ernie Wise: Moonlight Bay?
John: Yeah.
Ernie Wise: So, Ladies & Gentlemen, we're going to make history on TV. For the first time we have Morecambe & Wise & the Beatles presenting to you that wonderful old fashioned number Moonlight Bay. You all remember the number? Okay, fellas, that's great. You look marvelous. Are you ready?
John: Aye!
Ernie Wise: All right, we'll take it from the top. Okay, Ken, thank you.