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B2K Boys For Life Lyrics

Last updated: 11/20/2007 10:00:00 AM

J Boog:
Why'd you have to bring this up man?
I mean it ain't like I forgot but
It's like I wasn't thinking about it man
Now that you wanna talk about it
You got me all watery in the eyes,ya know?
But uh, it's all good
I wanna tell ya'll 3
I love ya'll like ya'll love me
If ya'll kno what I'm talking about
Fizz,holla at ya boy

Verse 1:
For the first 3 years we was on coatfax
No deals,no money but everybody had our back
We knew it would happen and that was for a fact
Until then we was watchin the Cosbys in the laundry mats
Scounging up change for a meal at Pizza Guy
No ride to Rosco's
We made our own sunrise
Gettin sick off Cheetos,Skittles, and Beniquo's
Marq yelling cause we ate his last taquito
Wishing for a bank account with at least 2 zeros
Playing ball all day sharing one Gatorade
No dogs of our own
So we walked Bear and Jane
Playing BB bridges
Hopping over gates just to go swimming
Yeah, We was bad tryna holla at older women (huh man)
Times was hard,you know we didn't get too much
But we always had eachother,man that was enough

We been through thick n thin but we still here
No matter what goes down,we still friends til' the end
Ups n downs,yeah that's a hard knock life
yeah,its ride or die cause we boys for life
(ya heard)

Verse 2:
It's gettin hard now,what are we to do now?
Years is passing
It's time to make moves now
We got our acts together, faced the bad weather.
Told ourselves it was either now or never
So we grabbed our stuff and started shoppin at labels
Performed demos and did whatever it takes
Damn, every label slammed the door in our face
But we kept our heads up
Til we found the right place
(ya know)


Verse 3:
We found a home
It's on
we in the game now
Chris and Max still make this thang crack now
We working with Tommy,Polly, amd D.Mack now
Took us a while but we got a name now
A platinum album with dough up in the bank now
No more lounging around,we business men now
Epic helped us and put us in the right gear
Video and radio,thanks for the great year
I'm glad the time that it took was a struggle
So that when this time came,we'd be grateful and humble
We thank God for making this happen for us
We thank all our fans for having love in us
(So come on)


I know that you're watchin' over me
Thank God that you brought the joy to me
Now B2K has a story
and I love ya'll just like ya'll love me
(repeat x3)

We love ya'll
Chris,IMX,we love ya'll
T.Scott we love you
Tazz we love you
T.U.G.,Nita S,TG4,Jhene
I love you Raz n I love you Fizz
and our parents we love ya'll
come on I'ma say something
Raz shut it off
you so stupid
ha ha ha we here to stay
B2k we aint leavin' yea
keep clappin we here to stay
come on keep clappin keep clappin

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get this straight!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: lianna | 11/20/2007

listen here,boyz for life dont just split and disapoint all there fanz,so maybe yall split cause each of you wanted to do your own thing,i understand that,but yall could'a done that with out splitin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is that right?! | Reviewer: raquel | 9/18/2007

boys for life, haaah! yall just 4 f**ckin liars cause yall split and aint making no move 2 get back with eachother!

Mis yall guys. | Reviewer: beverly. | 6/18/2007

Hey guys ,i wish u stayed boys 4 life as sung,men i mis the group.Hope you guys stayed friends despite the omarion i love u, j boog i miss your voice, yo fizz i love u,raz i love you.Coz i love yall just like yall love me.

i love omarion | Reviewer: shakeedra jackson | 4/9/2007

hey. if yall say that yall going to be boys 4 life why yall not together cause when yall was togeher yall was the best group ever to me.... there was not a group better than yall.... but when yall first came out and 2002 i fell and love with omarion and my sister liked fizzle but yall a group no matter what.................

love | Reviewer: Omarion | 9/1/2004

Love is blined, lov ewill hurt you and kill you if you don,t be carful.Love is blined, love is blined. It will take over your mined. Love may seem simple, but it is not.