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Boy with a coin he found in the weeds
with bullets and pages of trade magazines
close to a car THAT flipped on the turn
when God left the ground to circle the world

Hey--- Oh----

Girl with a bird she found in the snow
that flew up her gown, and that's how she knows
that God made her eyes for crying at birth
then left the ground to circle the earth

Hey--- Oh----

Boy with a coin he crammed in his jeans
then making a wish, and tossed in the sea
then walked to a town that all of us burned
when God left the ground to circle the world

Hey--- Oh----
Hey--- Oh----

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Iron and wine-boy with a coin | Reviewer: Gage | 5/22/13

first off, i love this song. I'm only 17, but I play guitar and love music like this. I like iron and wine, the great lake swimmers, and a lot of other similar bands. I wanted to see if anyone knew of some really similar artists to those that aren't too well-known. thanks guys

Tunage | Reviewer: Matt | 3/31/11

I have been sleeping under a rock, I JUST recently came across this, been a fan of Iron & wine sine 04 but had never heard this song. This in my opinion is their best song, up for debate, but I just thought I'd say that.

Hm. | Reviewer: Sydeny | 9/22/10

I've been addicted to this song for the past 7 months. No joke. I most likly will be getting the line "walked to a town that all of us burned,
when God left the ground to circle the world." tattoed on me. Love this. And the meaning.

Iron & Wine vs. Bright Eyes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/10

No rude, but having listened to them for so long could be exactly why you don't detect the similarity. Kindof like getting a new CD from a band you've never heard before (or better yet, from a style you don't listen to much at all). It's hard to tell the songs apart at first, but when you listen to it alot the songs seem to separate more and more into individual works of art.

Also.. this is a really great song.

A shame | Reviewer: Dina | 4/30/10

This is a good reflection on the destructive nature of humanity, corruption...and hope. The use of symbolism here is most astonishing, most would not be able to write in such a cryptic, poetic manner and still make the meaning behinde the words evident upon first inspection. Truely remarkable.

iron and wine vs. bright eyes | Reviewer: Jay | 9/15/09

I am huge fan of both Iron and Wine and Bright Eyes I have all of their CDs. I have to repectfully disagree that the two "bands" are similar. I just don't see it or should I say hear it. BTW I have been listening to both since they came out with their first albums. Too many years ago to remember.

Previous posts | Reviewer: Cory | 8/3/09

This has become a battle of who knows more about Iron & Wine. If you all claim to know all this stuff about Sam Beam or other involved musicians, you obviously like this music, and you all share a similarity in that sense. Just come together and enjoy the tunes and bask in the beautiful art of lyrical ingeniousness that is Iron & Wine.

favorite. period. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/09

This song has such incredible meaning behind the lyrics that I can hardly contain my excitement. I first heard this song just the other day and I am in love with it. Iron and Wine usually has a sound that is similar to Bright Eyes, and this is different, not that their normal sound is bad, but this song is just so simple, but at the same time very complex. That Ciara kid has a point for a twelve year old. I just prefer that Iron and Wine was never EVER used for Twilight (I have not seen it, thank god).

sam beam / band. | Reviewer: Adelaide | 6/16/09

Actually, Iron & Wine, while primarily seen as a "one-man band," consists of about three-four other musicians with Sam Beam. His sister performs with him as well. True, "Iron & Wine" is his stage/performing name, so technically he is only a solo musician, instead of part of a band, but considering that he usually plays shows with other musicians in tote, you cannot say that he is strictly a solo performer.

Beautiful | Reviewer: K. Bernard W. | 6/11/09

Iron and Wine absolutely nailed it. This song is simply beautiful. The lyrics are thought out and the delivery is simply perfect. If you have not viewed the video for this song, you are missing out. It to, is fantastic!

OMG! | Reviewer: Molly | 5/31/09

Iron and Wine is the best one man band EVER! Probably the best band ever too. He is magnificent, the tune catches your attention and you can't stop. and his songs have meaning, unlike some songs that are random. It is AWESOME!

A twelve year old's review | Reviewer: Ciara | 5/5/09

I think that Iron and Wine make a sound, a sound that is one in a million. The sound that is heard when his finger tips strum the guitar is something that will blow your mind away. When you hear this sweet music your imagination imediatly start's to work and you then begins to understand what the lyrics are. I am only twelve and I live in Ireland. I discovered this band when twilight was introdused. I began to listen to the sweet melodys that were played and as they were payed my mind was like a person, a person who could run free and discover such sweetness. I find the music to have a meaning and if it is played anywhere, I would always notice the unique sound of Iron And Wine

Ciara Doonan

.. | Reviewer: Summer | 4/27/09

to the post below: many of us know that iron and wine is one man, but people are used to saying 'them' with a band name. Beams is an amazing artist and guitarist but he named his 'band' 'iron and wine' not 'samuel beams'

Good Stuff | Reviewer: Rusty Shackleford | 3/3/09

There needs to be some clarification here. Iron and Wine is one guy, Samuel Beam, usually he gets together with calexico which is two guys, to record drums and back up guitar. So, its he, not they. But this song is amazing, Beam is a hell of a guitarist.

to "your crazy" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/09

Physically speaking...God did leave the ground, and evil exists on is rising above above it all...playing thru pain...i think this song and video speak to that...and thats something we all need to hear. everyday we choose to react in love or hate...good or evil..we only see what we look for. perhaps you will see it differently next time you listen.

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