Boy George Lyrics

It's the mid 1980s. You are Boy George, singer with Culture
Club and one of the most recognizable pop personalities on
the planet. But your group breaks up at the height of its
fame. Do you:

A) Fall apart emotionally and develop a drug addiction so
public that at one point the tabloid newspapers predict
you'll be dead within a week?

B) Go solo and have a European number one with your first

C) Wait until the late 1990s for the 1980s revival, then
reform Culture Club with its original line-up and perform
to sell-out crowds More...

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Review about Boy George songs
Performed by Boy George and the Culture Club | Reviewer: nic
    ------ About the song Karma Chameleon performed by Boy George

yes, it took the whole band for their music. Boy did lyrics and his band put the music to the lyrics....without the combined team their wouldnt have been these songs or hits. but since Boy George is the lead singer the camera is on him more so that is who some of us remember the most...i love his looks, lyrics, and voice. He rocked his singing and the band rocked the music. so let's it hear it for the GROUP!!

WHAT IS WAR GOOD FOR? | Reviewer: Kevin Roy
    ------ About the song The War Song performed by Boy George

This classic song is the only good thing I can think of to be created and have something to do with war. What is wrong with our species? It's 2013 and so many of us hate inside so strongly that war remains a viable option? Even such haters know, if they can be honest with themselves, that war is always wrong, whether provoked or not. Nothing good ever comes from war, with the one exception of this song that says it so much better than any words -- written or typed and appearing on an electronic device -- could possibly say. Thank you to Boy George, one of my all-time favorite artists!

confused granndaughter | Reviewer: pat
    ------ About the song Karma Chameleon performed by Boy George

this song was on the other day and i said "i can't think of who sings this song" my grandaughter said it was Prince, i said no it wasn't, and so we argued. i just printed the lyrics with his name so i can prove it to her. thank you very much. p.s. i love Boy George, but i know my Prince too.

Wow you rock Boy George.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Karma Chameleon performed by Boy George

I love this song and it's a hit still after so long. Boy george is a very talented and interresting person.I remember Iused to hear the song all the time in the 80s. Now suddenly I hear it again and I love it.

Great song but by Culture Club | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Karma Chameleon performed by Boy George

I love this song but it's by Culture Club, not Boy George. The other members of Culture Club are Jon Moss, Roy Hay and Mikey Craig. They never seem to get any credit for the great songs which they wrote. It's all George George. but he only wrote the lyrics. It's no coincidence he has never been as successful as a solo artist, because he didn't have the rest of the band. Although I like George's music, as a person I find him very arrogant and stuck on himself. He really thinks he's some kind of God. He's often abusive towards other people.

Boy George is FAB | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Karma Chameleon performed by Boy George

He is not a cleaner, he is a DJ. I guess your referring when he was arrested and media showed him cleaning the grounds of the jail he was in. He was one of the most successful bands in the 80's. Culture Club (the band he was in) had string of hits. Karma Chameleon was number one in 16 countries. I agree these days he does look too much for some, but his songs in the 80's are total gems.
Listen to songs like - victims, it's a miracle, miss me blind, do you really want to hurt me?, time clock of the heart, i'll tumble for you, church of the poison mind, cyring game and seriously the list just goes on.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Karma Chameleon performed by Boy George

He's quirky alright. . . I have nothing against him but he's a lil too out there for me. I bet he is working as a cleaner. It's the only career left for him. But I would never trust him to come into my house to clean it. . . he might start flirting with my brother!

LOVE IS LOVING BG IN ED! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Is Love performed by Boy George

I saw the movie Electric Dreams late one night and loved the music so much that I was surprised to learn it was Boy George (and Giorgio Moroder) who made this movie a winner.

I LOVE this song, and all the songs that George sings in this movie. It is SO different than what we heard on the radio. I'm just sorry I can't the CD with these songs.

You must buy the movie and songs anywhere you can find them.

Interested | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Karma Chameleon performed by Boy George

I love this song! I think Boy George is so intersting. I love his far-out make-up, and his quirky hair. His song Karma Chameleon is the only one I've heard of his, and I think he's great! He had a better voice than most of our current singers. I could listen to him all forever. I heard he now works as a cleaner, which I hope isn't true coz he has talent.

You got it wrong | Reviewer: got it wrong
    ------ About the song Crystal Blue Persuasion performed by Boy George

Tommy James & the Shondells wrote and performed Crystal Blue Persuasion in 1969. NOT Boy Geroge

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