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Tonex Bout A Thang Lyrics

Last updated: 08/02/2009 12:00:00 PM

Verse 1
Hey DJ let it play all day
Turn it up really loud keep the faith no doubt
Don’t you worry don’t you fret
There’s a blessing you’re next
He’s faithful don’t forget it
40 spins now just check it

Trials they just a keep a pressin’ me
Dancin’ although the world is stressin’ me
I’ll keep movin’ on won’t let it get me down
People they always try to front on me
I refuse to let it get the best of me
DJ play my song we gone rock it all night long

I’m not worried about a thang
He’s gone handle everything
I’m not worried about a thang
He’s gone handle it take care of it
I ain’t worried about a thang

Verse 2
Time to get paid got it made in the shade
Tonéx representin’ all day
BET, MTV in heavy rotation
Every station got it blazin’ it’s ok now
Just praise Him in advance