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Augustana Boston Lyrics

Last updated: 11/24/2012 04:52:07 PM

In the light of the sun
Is there anyone
Oh it has begun
Oh dear you look so lost
Eyes are red
And tears are shed
The world you must have crossed
You said

You don't know me
And you don't even care
Oh yeah
She said you don't know me
And you don't wear my chains
Oh yeah

Essential yet appealed
Carry all your thoughts
Across an open field
When flowers gaze at you
They're not the only ones
Who cry when they see you
You said

You don't know me
And you don't even care
Oh yeah
She said you don't know me
And you don't wear my chains
Oh yeah

She said I think I'll go to Boston
Think I'll start a new life
I think I'll start it over
Where no one knows my name
I'll get out of California
I'm tired of the weather
Think I'll get a lover
And fly him out to Spain
I think I'll go to Boston
I think that I'm just tired
I think I need a new town
To leave this all behind
I think I need a sunrise
I'm tired of Sunset
I hear it's nice in the summer
Some snow would be nice
Oh yeah

You don't know me
You don't even care
Oh Yeah

No one knows my name
No one knows my name
No one knows my name

No one knows my name

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It's A Beauty, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/12

Augustana Absolutely Performs This Song Beautifully.
This Song Is A Great Getaway From My Problems, From This World, From This Life,
It's Relieving To Hear This Song When I'm Stressed Because,
Although I Know That I Won't Go To Boston, It Has Me Thinking About My Perfect Place, My Utopia, About The Kind Of Life I Want, About The New Ambient That I Need, And Sometimes, Well That's Kind Of All I Need.
But Who Knows, Maybe One Day I Will Go To Boston..

goodbye bestfriend<3 | Reviewer: boston<3 | 12/22/10

boston: is my favorite song. my best friend will be moving away in June and this is our song because we are running the same road, our hearts will one day run the horrible path that they used to when i rescue her from alaska. <3

Best song EVER! | Reviewer: Kristina | 3/11/10

I've related to this song a lot in the last few weeks 'cause there are a lot of changes happening. My parents are getting divorced - well, I don't even know if they are 'cause they keep saying that they will work on the relationship then just end up fighting some more. I relate to this song because sometimes I just want to get away, like throw my chains down and get away from everything in my life. I'd like to start new, just leave everything behind. This song really helps me get through all of the arguing with my parents and everything. It is by far, my favorite song. :) I couldn't live without it. It means so much to me, and one of my best friends suggested it. He is been the one person through everything that's changed who has stayed here for me. I love him so much, and it just makes this song even better. Every time I listen to it, I think of him. :')

Re. | Reviewer: Vic. | 1/14/10

"This song is great for someone in high school who occasionally feels like they need to get away from the world and go to a place where no one knows their problems or even their names. I know I do!!! This song rocks!"

This explains my life right now, and this comment is me. Hahaha.
Love this song.

Don't have to be young... | Reviewer: John | 3/26/09

I'm almost 40 and I can relate to this song. You never know when everything will be turned upside down in this life, and you have to start over. The only thing you can guarantee is that at some point it will happen. And when it does, you can turn this song way up, roll down the windows in your car, and sing along at the top of your lungs.

=-] | Reviewer: xMissxMisserablex | 2/18/08

well i herd this song like last year...yeah i really didn't get the lyrics till i started realizing i wanted to move somewhere else then i remembered this song n i totally related to it.....i love it!

Berklee Boy | Reviewer: Peter | 11/27/07

This song always reminds me of going to berklee in the late 70s early 80s. The memorys flooded back. once I took a shit right in the middle of Mass Ave at about 2 in the morning. Got multiple blow jobs in the Fens by prostitues. beat up my fair share of the homeless after a drunken night at the Rat. I sure miss those days :( and every time I hear "Boston" it brings back those nice memories.

Boston<3 | Reviewer: *Mwah!* | 11/21/07

This song is great for someone in high school who occasionally feels like they need to get away from the world and go to a place where no one knows their problems or even their names. I know I do!!! This song rocks!

Boston | Reviewer: Stacey | 10/28/07

I remember when this song came out, and when I heard it on the radio on Sirius. It had a totally different tune too it, it wasn't played by just the piano. But either way, it's an amazing song. I loved it from the first time I heard it to even now. And it doesn't even have to be Boston. It could be anywhere. I agree that people are reading too far into this song. He didn't pick Boston for the fact it's Boston. But its random. Like wanting to go somewhere on a road trip but your unsure where to you point to somewhere on a map and maybe it says Paducah. Its just the simple fact of wanting to try something new, you're tired of the same day to day routine in a place that bores you. Or maybe its the town you grew up in. Either way, you're just wanting to leave, and find some place different for awhile. I could go into more detail, but I'm sure you catch my drift.

reading to far in to it.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/07

Some of the people commenting on this song are reading to far into it. Why can't this song simply be what it is... there doesn't need to be any explanation. Its beautiful and to each person means something different, theres no reason why it should or shouldn't be Boston, why does that even matter? There is more to it than just the city.

boston | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/07

An interesting song. Nothing spectacular though. very relateable though. Life is so fast and one day when you think about your actions you relize it. Boston is a place to take this knowledge and possibly make better.

harbouring | Reviewer: nic | 10/11/07

this song is beautiful, i cant stop wondering when i listen to it... totally understandable.. i feel her whenever i listen to this..

boston | Reviewer: Jimmy | 10/9/07

just saw augustana in concert at the house of blues in orlando saturday and im pretty sure everyone in the building knew this song and loved it. heck even chris from dashboard sung it in one of his songs. it was amazing i love this song.

OMG | Reviewer: tito | 9/17/07

i fckin love this song.its
has a beautiful meaning and wonderful lyrics
its officially my favorite song
of ALL time.

So amazing! | Reviewer: anonymous | 9/10/07

This song is so amazing! The lead singer has such a good voice and the piano and guitar fit so well into it that it's scary! The lyrics are pure gold just like the rest of the song and it is put together so well that it makes me wanna cry!! Eyes were red and tears were shed, this world she must have crossed you said you don't know me you don't even care...!!!!