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The Unseen Boston United Lyrics

Last updated: 08/29/2003 09:09:39 PM

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Fuck the world, Boston's better
Skins and punks get together
We all know who are true friends
And we'll be together 'till the end

This is Boston, we are the punks and skins
This is Boston, the drinking never ends
This is Boston, don't give us any shit
This is Boston, skins and punks in the pit

Do what we wanna do
We are the proud, we are the few
If you don't dance, you won't get hit
So don't fuckin' cry about our pit

This is Boston, not New York or La
This is Boston, not DC or the East Bay
This is Boston, where it's at
This is Boston, fuckin' home of the rat
This is Boston, fuck you

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