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I've been around the way
I've been around the block
I got the keys to the city if the gates are locked
And a freak like me ain't ‘bout to stop
I got a hand full of dreams and a heart full of God

Everywhere we go they wonder where we're from
Well its diverse city ya'll welcome to come
It sits high in the hills you can see it for days
And even if you can't you can hear our praise
We go ...Boom chuck da boom boom da chuck

'Cause we're boomin' out the stereo system
This goes out to anyone listening
Boomin' out the stereo system
Here to rep the most high with this one
Boomin' out the stereo system
This goes out to anyone listening
Boomin' out the stereo system
'Cause we rock for sure in stereo

If you're looking to slide, come slide with us
And if you're looking for a ride, it's a big old bus
We got black folk, white folk and Middle East
Mexican, Filipino - Jesus Freaks
Got a Haitian Princess, an Aussie Mate
East Coast, Midwest to left side of the states
And when the bus rolls, it’s out the dirty south
Tennessee and we keepin' it good and loud we go

'Cause we're boomin' out the stereo system
This goes out to anyone listening
Boomin' out the stereo system
Here to rep the most high with this one
Boomin' out the stereo system
This goes out to anyone listening
Boomin' out the stereo system
'Cause we rock for sure in stereo

I got portable sounds to lift me up
Portable sounds to take me higher
Portable sounds to lift me up
So don't even try to get in my head

(Shonlock's Rap)
We go boom shacka lacka I got em poppin
and lockin, and lockin and poppin it and thinking
they stopping, bout to shake something
Let me check the technique I speak life
no matter with a flow that's unique,
and like every word that I utter, so tasty
tentalizing make room mister
Now here we go! Check out this scenario with their flow.
Got em bangin Boomin out your stereo!!

'Cause we're boomin' out the stereo system
This goes out to anyone listening
Boomin' out the stereo system
Here to represent the most high with this one
Boomin' out the stereo system
This goes out to anyone listening
Boomin' out the stereo system
'Cause we rock for sure in stereo
Boomin' out your stereo

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I love Toby Mac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/12

Awesome lyrics!!!Praise our ALMIGHTY GOD for giving a wonderful singer Toby Mac,for giving him the talent and wisdom to write such beautiful songs like Made To Love,and one million thanks to Him that I could listen to these songs and feel proud of my Creator....!

14 year old TobyMac fan. | Reviewer: Joe | 8/25/12

I have to agree with anonymous. Listening to Toby' has radically influenced my life as a christian, and I'm not sure if I would be where I am today if I had not listend to what he's saying in these songs. Toby's music has spoken to many other kids I know, and I've only met a couple of who don't like the music, but they just said that when I told them it was christian.
I'm pretty sure kids would just lose interest in God etc if it wern't for artists like this Jesus Freak. As a fourteen year old, I can honestly say that God does speak to kids through music like this, and they definetly hear him.

A revival is coming.

p.s. Boomin' is possibly my fovourite tobyMac song!

p.p.s. hi Jack lol!!

crazy love | Reviewer: yes i'm only 14 and you probably wont listen to me | 4/1/11

God has this crazy love for everyone even athiests and to think you are an acident is stupid cause 1) you arent 2) wouldent you rather be a creation than an acident. and there are stupid stupid stupid cristians that bash athiests and thats not right even though ther wrong. (some of this isn't for everyone as you can tell) we should share this crazy incomprehinceble (and i know i didn't spell that right) love rather than hiting athiests and agnostics over the head with it that isn't how you get through to them and maybe youll find i'm right maybe you'll find i'm wrong but i hope you'll find the time to read a book called "crazy love"

speak what you believe | Reviewer: amber wright | 10/13/10

good job on expressing what you believe in song. i love hearing your songs especially when i am sad or don't feel good. this song gives out the way you believe don't let anyone stop you from what your doing. its your believe not theirs. Toby i dance to some of your songs like city on our knees and even this one. i go out and perform these dances at other churches or concerts it all kinds of things. i have a dancing group it all youth from 1st baptist church of cross hill s.c. the names are sierra escudero, me of course, my sister Edna, and my other sister Tiffany. keep up the good work.

your friend,
.amber wright.

Love song...hate overly religious people. | Reviewer: Cameron white | 9/7/10

Ok, I'm often called inteligent so let me clear some things up. Christianity is a religion. Just because people aren't Christian doesn't mean they are lost or bad people, they just have different views then you christians and you should be accepting, like you tell is non religious people to be. Flipside is that there are plenty of evil Christians that have done phsyco stuff. Now you always tell Us to keep our "hate" and opinions to ourselves. Well why don't you do the same and realize that not everyone believes in what you do and stop trying to convert us. That being said, if you can call us lost and try to convert us, we have every right to say what we think about religion and church. Now, I'm going to be the bigger person and not get mad or try to convert you Christians to my way of thinking. I understand that that is your belief and you are entitled to your opinion. I also don't think that this is him trying to convert kids, he's just singing about what he believes and that's fine. However, I live on the bible belt and down here it seems everyone is trying to convert me, especially since people at school learned I wasn't religious. So I ask, please, stop trying to change our ways of thinking. We reapect you, so you need respect us. If there is one thing that I, and most athiests and other non religious people, hate about church, it's the fact that you try to constantly impose your religion on us, and that you convince your followers to believe that YOUR way of thinking is the right way, an everyone else, no matter how great of a person they are, is wrong and lost an going to go to hell, yet a murderer who repents will go to heaven. I honestly don't unerstand. Thank you to anyone who read this all the way through and please carefully consider what I have said here before posting a hateful and mean comment.

God doesn't believe in athiest's... | Reviewer: Luke | 5/12/10

Jacob, sorry you feel that way but our God is not an ethical God... that's just how it is. Christianity is not recruiting. It's a choice on whether or not you choose to dedicate your life to the one and only God of us all. Like it or not, He is real and whether or not you do believe it, He WILL present himself to this world. Take it or leave it world, God has given you the choice of eternal life. Praise God for his infinite love!

Not A religion. | Reviewer: Kaleb age 14 | 4/1/10

As a strong beliver in God I just wanted to day to the guy that thinks Tobyis trying to "recruit kid into a religion". First of all Christianity is not a religion, it a relationship with God. Secound of all he is singing the truth and what he belives so dont listen if you dont like it, it the truth and its ment for praise not recruiting.

TobyMac is awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/10

I was raised in church but believe in knowing what i have and what others haven't to all of you out there who think that TobyMac and others like him are trying to recruit kids into some weirdo cult be quiet if you had something you thought was totally awesome and you wanted everyone to know about wouldn't you share or would you keep quiet and not let anyone else have your fun and joy when you have something as marvelous as Jesus and his love you can't help showing it because it's like smiling it's contagious so if you are not a christian okay but please stop saying him and others like him are just in it for the money because that is just rude and even if they are your don't know that only 2 people in the universe know what a person is thinking and that would be that person and God so please don't attack people that share what they love with the world by using their gift

Think About It | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/10

What Toby Mac's done is taken the popular music style among our teens today and written something that was uplifting and Christian. If you think about it, everyone wonders why our teens do stupid things. It's because they're lost. They haven't been under Christian influence. They don't know or understand what life's about. They've been taught by the American and many other cultures that whatever they want to do is fine. That they're lives don't matter and so it doesn't matter what they do. They've been told they have no purpose. I don't care how old you are, where you came from, or how you grew up, everyone wants to have a purpose and everyone wants to know that they matter. You're not going to get those teens in Church because they've been taught that religion is pointless and unpopular. Music is one of the few ways left to reach those young men and women. That's the next generation out there and if none of them become Christian and find God's love for them, what do you think our world is going to look like in the next 20years? If you think it's bad now, wait till you get that generation that's never heard the message.

So, to those that think that Toby Mac has done more harm to Christianity then good I say this: If we don't adapt our outreach ministries to this new generation, we're not going to reach any of them. We'll sentence an entire generation and likely all their children after them to Hell simply because we wouldn't accept that this is the 21st century and things are changing.
To those that think that Toby Mac and those like him are "recruiting" kids: That's not what Christianity's about. You've missed the point entirely. It's not about getting more people to wander around like idiots yelling that everyone's going to Hell. It's about sharing something totally amazing that we've found. It's about hope. We only want for you to be given a chance to experience something as amazing and beautiful as God's love and care for His creation.

So to close, Toby Mac and those like him are doing what's necessary to tell the world that Jesus loves them in the 21st century. If you can't see that, you've missed the point of Christianity just as bad as Christ's disciples during his ministry on earth.

to Agnostic Jacob | Reviewer: david | 1/12/10

It is too bad that you are an agnostic/athiest. That being said, what do you care if someone wants to believe in Jesus/God???? You don't believe in an afterlife anyway. I don't understand how someone can go about life and not see that the universe was created and not just one big accident, but hey God gave us choice. I hope you find your way before its too late.

Hmmmmmmmmm.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/09

This is one of 3 songs of Tobymac's songs that I like, (music preference, not the messages) but he is a very good artist. Also, if you haven't seen it, check out the video for Lose My Soul. Pretty cool. Also, Jacob, get a life man, and a christian song's review board is not the best place to give YOUR opinion. I hope you get saved before you die, man.

Walking the walk... is tobymac for real? | Reviewer: Stacey | 11/16/09

For the individual who posted that toby mac's music is a "recruiting" about doing a little research before throwing out the false accusations..

now i will admit, it's easy for anyone to sing a song about God. and it's easy to pass judgment if that's all we see. However, how a person lives their life is what really says where their heart lies. Toby went to Liberty University, which is one of the largest, if not the largest, Christian school in the US. He was a student there, pursuing God... long before he was pursuing a career, or even music. Second, some Christian artists do make a significant amount of money from their careers, but what they do with their money is slightly different that what (some) sacral artists do... Building 429, Toby Mac, Jeremy Camp and Newsong are great examples of well known Christian artists that do not donate, but POUR money into changing the lives of orphans, feeding the hungry, and spreading the gospel all of the world. Not "recruiting" teenagers, but telling five year old children in Africa that there is hope, and that hope is Jesus. He is mighty to save.

I will close in saying I sincerely hope you do not feel the way you do because of the lives of hypocritical Christians, because I myself have seen the detrimental affects of that. But, just like the false prophets in the's still happening today.

The bottom line is religion is a personal relationship with God. You cannot judge God by what you see, or think you see, people doing. Mere humans are not God, we fall short of his glory, and we let Him & His people down. We're just human and that is why we serve Him.

Toby IS a Christian | Reviewer: Nichele | 10/30/09


Dude, I don't know where you're getting this from, but Toby has a huge heart for God. Have you ever heard him give interviews or even talk about his faith? He's not about the money; it's about using his talent for God.

And as for not having enough talent to make it in the "real world," you are clearly not old enough (if your spelling and grammar are anything to go by) to have heard of dcTalk - a band founded by Toby. If you had heard of the band, you'd realize how ignorant a statement that is. dcTalk was hugely popular both with Christians AND non-Christians in the 90s. The band even racked up 4 Grammy wins and had 5 albums in the Billboard Top 200. In his solo career, Toby has also won a Grammy (and been nominated for 3 or 4 others) and has charted another 5 times in the Billboard Top 200, with one of his albums reaching number 3 on the Billboard rock charts.

So what's my point? Obviously, I'm not gonna argue with you about God here because this is not the place to do it. But you do need to stop being so ignorant and realize that a) a number of Christian singers could (and have) crossover and still have success if they wanted to, and 2) yes, Christian singers are human and they will make mistakes - sometimes public ones - but that doesn't mean they aren't Christians and that they're just in it for the money. Again, I don't know how old you are, but if you're this cynical at a young age, it's sad really.

Being a Diplomat | Reviewer: Jacob R | 8/5/09

As an agnostic/ atheist I truly oppose this song and all others like it as an attemt to recruit yong children into religion, regardless of what type. There is a strong chance Toby-Mac is not a christian because you would be suprised at how much these artist make. Toby-Mac would not be talented enough to make it in the real world, so he probably chose to pretend to be christian to make money. And as a final point, today organized religion is a serious drain on the advancement of modern society and must be stopped on it strays ou of the chapel and begins to effect the real world, as is what happened when G.W. Bush was ellected. Please, as a favor to the greater good, please stop attemting to recruit kids like me and the ones I met a week ago at a christian camp, to use such places as a recruitment center is un-ethicle.

TOBY MAC | Reviewer: Dustin | 3/9/09

Toby is a good role model for younger generation christians. His awesome and it makes me feel good about God being there and leading him. I love God cause he is the bomb yo. HE IS THE KING OF KINGS.

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