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i’m going to san bernardino
milkshake mixers
that’s my thing, now
these guys bought
a heap of my stuff
and i gotta see a good thing
sure enough, now
or my name’s not kroc
that’s kroc with a ‘k’
like ‘crocodile’
but not spelled that way, now
it’s dog eat dog
rat eat rat
boom, like that

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the folks line up
all down the street
and i’m seeing this girl
devour her meat, now
and then i get it, wham
as clear as day
my pulse begins to hammer
and i hear a voice say:
these boys have
got this down
oughtta be a one of these
in every town
these boys have
got the touch
it’s clean as a whistle
and it don’t cost much
wham, bam
you don’t wait long
shake, fries
patty, you’re gone
and how about that
friendly name?
heck, every little thing
oughtta stay the same
or my name’s not kroc
that’s kroc with a ‘k’
like ‘crocodile’
but not spelt that way, now
it’s dog eat dog
rat eat rat
Oh, it's dog eat dog,
rat eat rat
boom, like that

you gentlemen
ought to expand
you’re going to need
a helping hand, now
so, gentlemen
well, what about me?
we’ll make a little
business history, now
or my name’s not kroc
call me ray
like ‘crocodile’
but not spelt that way, now
it’s dog eat dog
rat eat rat
boom, like that

well we build it up
and i buy ‘em out
but, man they made me
grind it out, now
they open up a new place
flipping meat
so i do, too
right across the street
i got the name
i need the town
they sell up in the end
and it all shuts down
sometimes you gotta
be an s.o.b.
you wanna make a dream
send ‘em south
if they’re gonna drown
put a hose in their mouth
do not pass go
go straight to hell
i smell that
meat hook smell
or my name’s not kroc
that’s kroc with a ‘k’
like ‘crocodile’
but not spelt that way, now
it’s dog eat dog
rat eat rat
Oh, it's dog eat dog
rat eat rat
boom, like that

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Like that | Reviewer: surfric | 4/13/13

I was really curious about the lyrics, and did not make the McDonald's connection. When it is pointed out, yah, duh. Kroc with a K. Of course, with Mark there's always another level of mystery. Why is his name NOT kroc? What exactly is kroc-style? Just dog eat dog business? And what is "Boom like that", except a really great and weird lyric? We may never know.

Boom Like That Lyrics | Reviewer: Juppeck | 9/13/12

Mark Knopfler was and is one a the outstanding musican i ever heard on a lead guitar. Sometimes i beleave that Fender create there Stratocaster just for him. The song "boom, like that" sound more than an old Dire-Straits song, as every other, he released in the past of the Dire-Straits era. I like this sound and i am very glad to her that song a couple of years ago as a live youtube video. I catched'em immediatly. A pitty is, that this is unavailable as a live recorded song.

BOY MEETS BURGER | Reviewer: JIM GIBSON | 2/17/12

You can believe this or not.Its a very long story but the song where it says he opened up across the street.Mark Knopfler is talking about when Ray Kroc opened up acroos the street from the McDonalds bros the BIG M after they sold they stayed in biz,something Kroc did not plan on! So he opened up I was a 5 year old kid ! I lived right behind the new McDonalds Kroc was walking around the block ,spotted me climbing a tree.The rest is history I ate the first burger produced from that place I have a spot in the McDonalds museum where the 8x10 photo of myself JIM GIBSON eating that Burger standing with RAY KROC and the Mayor of San Bernardino,Calif

Clapton?! Knopfler is in his own class! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/11

Somebody said it sounds like clapton!? What!? Did Clapton write Sultans of Swing!? I don't think so!!! Nobody sounds like Knopfler, Knopfler sounds like Knopfler. hehe. You need to listen better. Powerful song by the way. The guys a genius (Knopfler, not Kroc, Kroc was an asshole). Claptons ok as a guitarist, but for musicality, you can't beat Mark. The man is TUNED IN.

Vicious | Reviewer: Michael Z. Williamson | 11/1/08

I don't often agree with Knopfler's take, but in this case he's right. Kroc was a whirling SOB.

Unlike a lot of other artists, Knopfler manages to make his commentary entertaining and visceral rather than preachy. And the guitar is just awesome.

BRILLIANT. | Reviewer: music lover not fighter | 3/14/08

What a great song. Listening to it, without analyzing the words you wouldn't think about agressive corporate domination and brutual competition elimination techniques. But then you listen to the words, and you can actually see what Ray Kroc saw when he visited the first McDonalds. "Damn. I should copy these... times... like a billion... I'd be rich"

he was right.

Go Mark Go. My other favorite on this album is without a doubt "Don't Crash the Ambulence"

mark knopfler (meaning) | Reviewer: Max | 10/1/07

This song is about whe mcdoalds guy and how he got started selling milkshake mixers and got the idea of mcdonals and worked his way up the chain. This song is not odd for them, it you listen to the album " shangri-la" most of the songs are a bout people, elvis, ray kroc, sonny liston ect, listin to it

Whoa, you guys aren't listening to the lyrics. . . | Reviewer: MQ | 7/24/07

This song is all about the lyrics, the smooth musical style is to hide what he's singing about - the quote of Ray Kroc's - the king of the McDonald's fast-food chain, and this is a quote - "if they're gonna drown, put a hose in their mouth." The take no prisoners management sytle of Ray Kroc.

funky song #1 | Reviewer: Dave | 7/6/07

This is a really unusual Knopfler song. It is more ambiguous than a lot of his material and has a sort of a funky California feel. I really feel a strong Clapton influence with the lead guitar part.

Dire Straits / Knoppfler | Reviewer: Michael | 7/6/07

It's a great song, especially the part the guitar's playing troughout the whole song. It's peacefull, whereas it's a very happy song too. There are several short guitar solos in it, wich I think are great.
The song sounds a little like 'What it is' and 'Sultans of Swing'.

Slow Dire Straits style | Reviewer: Marien | 9/10/04

This first single of the new Mark album "Shangri la" is quite different, I mean more "Straits style" from the other tracks (As was "What it is" in his second solo album, "Sailing to philadelphia"). We can hear in this track lot of peaceful and sharpened guitar, in the unique style of Marko. Just learn the lyrics (not very long), take a guitar (or a pillow, a bag or your cat), put yourself in front of your clothing mirror, and enjoy =)

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