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One day, one night, one moment,
my dreams could be, tomorrow.
One step, one fall, one falter,
east or west, over earth or by ocean.
One way to be my journey,
this way could be my Book of Days.

Ó lá go lá, mo thuras,
an bealach fada romham.
Ó oíche go hoíche, mo thuras,
na scéalta nach mbeidh a choích.

No day, no night, no moment,
can hold me back from trying.
I'll fly, I'll fall, I'll falter
I'll find my day may be, Far and Away.
Far and Away.

One day, one night, one moment,
with a dream to believe in.
One step, one fall, one falter,
find a new earth across a wide ocean.
This way became my journey,
this day ends together, Far and Away.
This day ends together, Far and Away.
Far and Away.

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sensational | Reviewer: glory | 1/2/14

i just love this song; it haunted my dreams the first day i heard it and its a song one cant just forget, it has this uncanny ability to lift your spirit and make you happy. i love most of enya songs but this song is my one true love.

It gives peace to my soul | Reviewer: Samuel michael | 5/31/13

i first heard it from a friend's phone n i love it so much, it seems i could'nt stop listening to it. Bring so much joy to my hrt, it has d tendency to calm a troubling soul nd it could rain down peace where there is a tumoil.from Nigeria

enya-book of days...simply magical! | Reviewer: este mabaso | 2/22/13

this is one track i'll hold close to my thoughts as it brings a sence of calmness and peace within my realm...this song is so megical and surely creates a world emagined to thoughts. enya is absolutely a great singer indeed, although not enough recogniti0on is not given to her but she does deserve it, hands down! am 22 yrs ols, yet i relate to this with every part of my body and soul! i sooo wish i could meet this soul, that sings so magical!

Titanic | Reviewer: Victor | 12/19/12

In fact, Book of Days was used in the early trailers for Titanic, not in the credits. James Cameron badly wanted Enya to do the soundtrack but she wasn't able to make that size a commitment, so he got Norwegian artist Sisel instead as she had a somewhat similar style and sound.
But I love the song - Shepherd Moons was my first Enya album after I saw the video for Caribbean Blue on MoreMusic.

Love the song | Reviewer: Oladipupo Ogunsan | 8/1/12

i just love every line every word of book of days. she sing with angelic voice and i ussually feel uplifted when listening to enya music. i wish i could meet her one day. gbam!

Sellout? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/12

For using English lyrics? First off, her first album had English lyrics; all the Gaelic and Latin came later. Second, unless an artist is just making music for fun and gives away free copies/concerts, never asking for a dime in return, they have, in fact sold out to some degree. But so what? Whether or not an artist earns money does not change the quality of the music, unless we start talking about pop-artists and the music industry's tendency to promote pretty faces with a legion of employees who stuff popular words into the lyrics they write and songwriters who collaborate to find the most popular riffs and new-ish ways to mix them. Enya, however, does her own work. Trend following hipsters yelling 'SELL-OUT', gotta love it.

This song was not on Titanic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/10

In reply to the comment below "I just love this song, ......I first heard it during credits in Titanic", i'm afraid you are mistaken as neither Book of Days, nor Enya herself, feature anywhere in that movie. Other than the obvious track by Celine Dion, the only other female vocalist on the soundtrack was Sissel Kyrkjebo from Norway. The full credits can be viewed here:

Far and away movie soundtrack | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/10

the Lyrics of the song would make more sense if you knew that it (the song) was actually the theme song for the Movie entitled "Far and Away" with Tom Cruse and Nicole Kidman, (directed by Ron howard)

The movie is about Irish Immigrants in the early 1900's and their trek across the Ocean, and eventually their participation in the Oklahoma land grab.
"One step, one fall, one falter, find a new earth across a wide ocean."
Pure immigration image

Love it!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/09

I just love this song, I think it's absolutely amazing!! I first heard it during credits in Titanic, and I fell in love with it ever since. I love Enya and I'm just really glad I could find the sheet music to play it in paino. Sounds absolutely fantastic, exactly like the original song!

wonderful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/09

I heard this song for the first time in a stupid video on youtube. I found out the title and the singer and I can say "This song is so beatiful!". it gives peace to me, it's too "ethereal". i didn't know enya but she's got a fantastic voice! I'll download other songs of her. Bye!

Out of Ireland | Reviewer: V | 7/9/09

I first heard this song in the credits of the TV show "Out of Ireland", and I love it so much. I like how the lyrics don't make much sense, they're more like poetry. I don't know what a "book of days" is (a calendar?) but it's such a cool name for a song! I only wish that the lyrics, especially the Gaelic, were easier to hear clearly.

Wow-Finally! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/09

Well, a long time ago, I was watching a preview of a movie on TV, and just yesterday it seems this just came to my mind thinking about this. So I tried to remember the name of the movie that played in the preview on TV. I remember it was a Disney Film. Googled Disney Films...and viola found it. Tuck Everlasting, after watching the trailer on the internet...This has to be enya, so went to itunes, and found it. This song was not mentioned on the Movie Soundtrack. I am so happy that I found this, because I just Love Enya's angelic voice....She definitely has been blessed.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/09

This songs give me peace. I´ve loved Enya since i was little, but now i can really lose myself while listening to her.
About gaelic and english. I think it´s good she sings in both. The lyrics are beautiful and if you read the carefully, the teach a lot.
Thanks Enya

Book of days and Memory of Trees | Reviewer: Renée Lemieux | 1/21/09

I just love these two songs but there are many others. I love Enya, her music is so lifting and makes your heart and your mind soar to unthinkable heights. Thank you Enya for giving this to the world, it need it.

Easily one of her best! | Reviewer: Scott | 12/17/08

She has a few too many slow lyrical songs but this moves! Very dynamic yet beautiful.

I didn't really WANT to know what it said in English. I think it's too bad she's started doing so much English stuff and gotten away from the interesting sounds of Gaelic.

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