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Bonnie McKee is an amazingly gifted singer and songwriter
whose brand new Reprise Records release, Trouble is one of
the most captivating debut albums in recent history. With
turns both cynical and sincere; hot blooded and cool
headed; boldly sensual and deeply enlightened, Trouble is a
dazzling tour de force from a young artist with a long
career sure to follow.

Nineteen years old, Bonnie wrote all thirteen tracks of
Trouble before she was sixteen, but her extraordinary
musical instincts have been in evidence as far back as the More...

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Reviews about Bonnie McKee songs

So pretty. | Reviewer: Kay
    ------ About the song I Hold Her performed by Bonnie McKee

I think its about when Bonnie was fourteen/fifteen and hooked on drugs. And she's completely gone down the wrong roads, and she's holding her mother, and her mother's crying "My baby..." Heartbreaking song, really <3

Sing me something sweet | Reviewer: Sketch AFACE
    ------ About the song Sensitive Subject Matter performed by Bonnie McKee

OH MY GOD. Wowsers, these lyrics blow my mind away!!! So darn awesome, a friend made me listen to it, and I so not regret it! AWESOME, AND Bonnie McKee has such a soothing voice and is so talented.

The Review to a Good Song | Reviewer: Kim
    ------ About the song When It All Comes Down performed by Bonnie McKee

Well, since not alot of people say anything, so I'll say it, this is a good song so I strongly recommend it to anyone and everyone! :-)

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