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Hannah Montana Bone Dance Lyrics

Last updated: 01/23/2010 10:00:00 AM

verse 1
Everybody knows the bones
Just had to find a way
Everybody knows what I'm talkin 'bout
Thats how I'll get an A!

Mini Verse
My bodys has many parts
And this is where it starts
Phalanges I have 10 and metatarsals then

I have some tarsals too!
I'll put them in my shoe!
The fibula is next
according to my text!

Final Step till' chorus
Then comes the Tibia
That ain't no fibia

And now up to my knee
(yeah yeah yeah!)
Thats the Patella to me!

Were doing the Bone Dance
You study the answers
again and again
till I get it right

Were doing the bone dance
you dance and you learn it
And we won't mess up this test!

We'll get it perfect!

Verse 2
Now I take it home
with the Parietal Bone
It might be crazy
But, we learn that way

Temporal Frontal too
And now were finally threw
That makes 206
I found the way that clicks!


Were doing the bone dance
We studied the answers
again and again
till We get it right!

Were doing the bone dance
you dance and you learn it
We won't mess up this test

Well get it PERFECT! WORD!

Thanks to Brianna for submitting Bone Dance Lyrics.

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okay so | Reviewer: lalala | 1/21/10

We are learning about the bones in health class and there are bones she does NOT talk about in the song as so the Sternum, the Scalpula exc. But all in all if you learn the dance and the song this could help for the bones that she does talk about.

THIS SONG WORKS | Reviewer: Justin Beck | 1/8/10

Im taking a health class in Iva S.C at cresscent high school and we aer studying the bones out of no where this song comes in my head i start singing it and doing the dance thaty goes to it the teacher was impresed and gave me a a for learning where the bones go in the body so after that she gave me tomorows test and said if i could teach the rrest of the class i would get an a for the semestert YEA thanks hannah for being so awsome and making the bone dance

doesn't | Reviewer: Brooke | 3/30/09

This really helps i like it but it doesn't really name 206 bones and I was hoping it would bcause just like u I find songs an easier way to study from. I write my own to help study but I can't seem to make one for the bones.
Anway... your so cool Miley... you rock!

i love you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/08

i hope i git meet you some time my friend has your number but she keeps telling me that she will give to me but she keeps forgitting about it but ilove all of your songs my favorite songs is rock star and the bone dance and i'm just like you but keep rocking ongirl love your songs your biggest fan ever

I LUV U MILEY/HANNAH! | Reviewer: Nawaal | 3/16/08

Hey Miley/Hannah I luv u soooo much. I luv all ur songs nd i added all of them into my ipod. U r the best singer ever nd I luv ur show. I wish i can meet you someday and i believe i will. My favorite song of urs is best friends and i luv how u nd lily always stick together.

Yew are the best!!!! | Reviewer: VioletRoss | 2/25/08

heyy miley! i love yewr singin nd i love to sing! everyone says tht i am an awsome singer nd tht i should be a singer when i am older. i look up to yew nd yew are mah role modle now nd yew always will be! i hope tht i will get to meet yew sumday nd if i do then can yew make meh a singer?? i love all of yewr songs nd i own all of yewr cds. thanks fer become who yew are now. yewr biggests fan EVER,, Violet. P.S. Keep on rockin girls! ;p

heyyyyy! see ya hannah montana | Reviewer: baby girl | 2/12/08

hi! hannah i love the bone dance song cause i used to like this guy that he has a lot of skeletons so i think i should learn about bones i think bones are awesome... well i lolved your,song keep on writing more songs oh and keep on rocking! p.s. i think nick from the jonas brothers is cute to.

freakazoids!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

OMG I absolutely love this song dance or whatever you want to call it i think its just the most brilliant way of learning the bones but like what? oh sweet niblets I cant get it out my head I LOVE YOU HANNAH MONTANA XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
just to let you know I'm messing and i think you should really get out more I mean jeez what kind of freaks are you I MEAN COME ON COP ON TO YOUR SELFS GET MATURE YOU REALLY SCARE ME YOU PHYSCOS!! FOR GODS SAKED GET A GOD DAMN FREAKING LIFE YOU BOOBS.
DANG IT im sorry i didnt mean i word i said i just get a little over excited AW WHAT am i kidding A LOT over excited

hannah rules! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

OMG!!!!!!!! i loove you hannah! you are the bet singer i have ever heard! i am going to print the pages and show it to eveery one! and i will mimarizz it, and i ilove your shoW! you are a grat acter!

cool song!!! | Reviewer: Jennifer | 1/29/08

hi! thats a cool song when ever i get a test about bones thats the song im going to study so ill get an a on the test!! and i also love the epidso it funny and good and when u sing the song it gets stunk in my head !! thats why i love the bone dance song!!