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Anger he smiles towering in shiny metallic purple armor
Queen Jealousy, envy waits behind him
Her fiery green gown sneers at the grassy ground
Blue are the life-giving waters taken for granted
They quietly understand
The once happy turquoise armies lay opposite ready
But wonder why the fight is on

But they're all bold as love
Yeah, they're all bold as love
They're all bold as love
Just ask the axis

My red is so confident that he flashes
Trophies of war and ribbons of euphoria
Orange is young, full of daring
But very unsteady for the first go around
My yellow in this case is not so mellow
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In fact I'm trying to say it's frightened like me
And all these emotions of mine keep holding me from
Giving my life to a rainbow like you

I'm bold, bold as love
Yeah I'm bold, bold as love
I'm bold, bold as love
Just ask the axis
Yeah he knows, he knows everything
I'm bold, bold as love

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Overrated | Reviewer: SomeRandom | 12/30/12

JImi as a guitarist is HUGELY overrated... I would say John Mayer is overrated but does anyone actually even rate him?? no...
BTW I am a huge Hendrix fan. Confused? Think about it.

Comparing ?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/12

Okay. I like Both Of them Especially Jimi. But compare Both Of them ?? seriously?? Please Tell me Its just A jokes!!. coz, Its Jimi, Okay. The Greatest Guitarist Ever Live. John Mayer Is Playing well But not well as Jimi Does.
Nobody Can Beat The Original. even That Cover is awesome but its just a "COVER".

comparison | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/11

Okay, there is a reason that this is a COVER. John Mayer is NOT jimi, and jimi is not John either! John Mayer made this song his own. Not all covers have to sound EXACTLY the same. Give him a break, JM is a genius.

Imitation | Reviewer: espinada | 2/11/11

Is the highest form of flattery.
Jimi wrote it, nailed it, and everyone else since then have been trying very hard to reach it.
Jimi Hendrix set the bar so high, every guitarist considered the best of his/her generation always uses Jimi Hendrix to compare to.

It will be a very long time before anyone will surpass his genius.

Covers are what move music forward! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/11

I saw on youtube that a lot of people are comparing JM to Hendrix, and saying that his cover is no where close to the original. And while it is true that so much skill goes into writing a song, there is an equal amount of skill that goes into making it your own. Clapton and Cream covered Robert Johnson's crossroads, and while the original was genius, Clapton took it to another level and made it relative to his contemporary audience. I think JM just took a beautiful song, and made it relate-able to a modern audience. However, all that said, he really didnt change much except for some of the melodies in the verses when singing, but Hendrix wasn't a phenomenal singer anyways.

you took the word right out of my mouth... | Reviewer: Bob | 4/21/10

@ 09Kitty23
i played piano for a while.. then someone showed me John Mayer.. i was like ok this is a beautiful song.. (slow dancing) and then after a while I started to play guitar.. then I remembered slow dancing and john mayer... and then I though like maybe i should try it.. and then I thought lets watch some other john mayer videos.. I was sold by the first time.... It really gets me every song does.. And it really made me appreciate Jimi HEndrix, and then these lyrics.. just one word wow..

respect | Reviewer: hendri | 11/17/09

i like john mayer, but he is not in the same level as jimi hendrix did in the past right now, maybe in couple years he'll do that, and you don't have to stop playing music that you already played just to respect jimi, because john's song before the john mayer trio era was pretty much pop song, and that doesn't stop john to respect jimi, right?

Bolder than you think | Reviewer: 09Kitty23 | 8/22/09

Let's put it this way, not just this song, not just about his covers.. but JOHN MAYER IS THE REASON WHY I STOP PLAYING METAL AND HELD A STRAT AND MADE ME APPRECIATE JIMI HENDRIX MORE.


hmm | Reviewer: Acuity | 8/21/09

i think that if jimi hendrix saw this version of his song he would have so much respect and grattitude to john mayer. hendrix is a genious and i mean without hendrix this cover would have never even existed then again john mayer has such amazing note choice and phrasing within his guitar and his vocals its hard not to just sit back and chill on this song but come on people whos to say there isnt room enough for both of these guys in my opinion its how music grows and im hoping its how we can see the future of music going i mean msuic is about self expression and point of view and htis is how john mayer saw this song which is amazing its exactly the same as hendrix saw all along the watch tower and turned it into his own style lets just leave it at there both fucking amazing genious :D:D:D:D

Great song. | Reviewer: Tyler | 5/20/09

I don't see the harm John's version of this song. Of course, Jimi Hendrix greated this jaw dropping masterpiece, and John knows that. A cover, to me, is simply an act of respect toward the original creator. In any and all of John's live albums you hear the ghost of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray in every gut wrenching solo. He loves them and would never want to take away the credit. He's a good man as well as an excellent musician.

excellent song | Reviewer: Horus | 5/18/09

What we truly have here is JMs take on a Hendrix song. Those of you who expect it to simply be a cover were sorely mistaken. I for one think that John is an amazing guitarist, some of the ways he make music and th chords he uses are simply spectacular. He adds his feeling and enthusiam to a Jimi Hendrix song that already has plenty of it, culminating in a masterpiece. I believe by reworking this, he's trying to tell us not to forget what got us where we are, our idols, influences. They make us what we are. No, he's not Hendrix, but why should he be?

John is John | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/09

Comeon ppl.,.. Artists don't attain greatness by how well they can emulate someone else.,.. Its their own style that marks them. In that way John stands out. If you want him to sound like the gr8 Jimi Hendrix, you rather be listening to hendrix's original recording.,.. Or there are lotsa cover bands in the world. You don't expect JM to do it for you. Its the whole lot different feeling you get while you hear JM perform. Thats what make it.,.. 'JM's cover of Bold As Love' Awesome.,. Moves the soul!!! Kudos!!!

Re: Wtf | Reviewer: Ginger | 5/7/09

I don't think anyone here is not paying respect to Jimi Hendrix, who was one of the greatest guitarists we have ever seen. However, I do feel its out of place to belittle a piece of work just because it's a remake or a cover. Some of the best inventions and ideas this world have ever seen were from people taking things that others had already done and putting a new spin to it. If we did not have this, then we would never have many of the beautiful pieces of art we have today. Eugene Delacroix, a French Romantic Painter, once said “What moves those of genius, what inspires their work is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough." Jimi Hendrix would roll over in his grave if he heard someone not appreciate another's interpretation of his work...

wtf. | Reviewer: whittney217 | 4/10/09

Come on people. Pick your jaws up off the ground and stop drooling. This is a remake of Jimi Hendrix. Give the real genius some credit. It just sounds like another one of John's mushy awkward songs.

wow | Reviewer: Emilyy :) | 3/30/09

I've heard this song, maybe, millions of times? But I've just recently decided to look up the lyrics, and after reading them, I know what this song is really about, and I believe it's AMAZING! John Mayer is my absolute FAVE! Since forever, and always will be. I hope he continues to create wonders such as this one. <3

xoxo, Emily

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