Body Count Lyrics

"They did everything they could to take us out, but like
any good monster, that just made us stronger," says Ice-T.
The Body Count saga began in South Central LA where Ice-T
and guitarist Ernie-C met while attending Crenshaw High
School. Ernie was listening to the likes of Black Sabbath
and Led Zeppelin, and eventually formed his own speed-metal

Meanwhile, Ice-T was making his mark as a controversial
rapper / actor / label head, utilizing Ernie-C's talent
when an aggressive rock riff was called for. In 1989,
culling guitarist More...

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Review about Body Count songs
Law Abiding Citizen MotherFucka | Reviewer: James Rodriguez
    ------ About the song Pray For Death performed by Body Count

This is the torture scene from the movie Law Abiding Citizen, great lyrics to a crazy scene!!! BodyCount are back with this album, but they did have had some losses that hurt them. I Love them, just saw them at Mayhem Festival here in Toronto. Short show, but sweet! Ice T. is a poet bitch.

Legality without morality | Reviewer: B
    ------ About the song Cop Killer performed by Body Count

Why advocate censorship in the face of something unpleasant? It is incredible that certain people feel they have the right to decide for others the experience of their lives. Isn't living your own life enough?! Pretty audacious if you ask me. Here's an idea, if you don't like the song then turn off the radio. And if you REALLY don't like it, then you probably shouldn't look it up online. And should you find that the song's existence on planet Earth still bothers you even though you have isolated yourself entirely from said song and you feel that you just can't carry on. Well then, you can always go kill yourself. After all, better you than you than me (and my music).

what else do you do | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cop Killer performed by Body Count

I think it becomes the only logical choice when the system acts unfairly toward someone and they don't have any civilized means by which to get their rights honoured. Take for example my friends who are Rastafarian. They got burtualized by an undercover unit that was supposedly sent in to raid for drugs. When they found none, they started beating them up brutally to bring out the drugs. They were then locked up over the weekend without a charge or hearing the Monday.

Rastafarians are peacefull people. It seems as if the cops like going on with such people as there are usually no consequences following their actions.

In contrast, the taxi association doesn't take crap from the police. They are in fact hampering the progress of the country in general by disrupting the building and operation of government based transport systems. Many cops have already been killed directly or indirectly by members of the taxi association and we find that the cops are too sh!t scared to do their jobs when it comes to those guys. They actually run being the governments skirt asking for army protection :)

So, I ask the question - what must my Rastafarian friends start doing. It seems as if nothing else (media, law suits ...) seems to work. The only option left is for the Rastafarian community to defend themselves against these cops by killing them - it's amazing how quick a cop relizes that he too is only human and can get hurt or worse after the 1st blow!!!

In past times, cops were killed as an act of civil war. War should be avoided at all cost if possible. You would be considered to be a problem if you didn't agree law back in the time of slavery. Today we can all stand and say slavery is wrong - but that is partly due to the efforts of 'cop killers' back then who destroyed the 'muscle' (cops) of the rulling class.

nothing but disgusting | Reviewer: enough is enough
    ------ About the song Cop Killer performed by Body Count

just learned about this today. heard about Mr. Charleton Heston's efforts to get it pulled off the air. anyone who could write such words has to full of nothing but hate. i cannot help but wonder why he would accept a role on Law and Order Special Victims. I don't think I will be watching that program anymore.

HI | Reviewer: hakalaha
    ------ About the song The Winners Loses performed by Body Count

Hi I just wanted to tell you that it's not you wanna get high as the sky it's you Don't wanna get high At the sky. Just thought I would tell you

standing up | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cop Killer performed by Body Count

Corruption is at its highest when you grow up in a populated area things like cops taking it too far are overlooked and if you live in the hills its ignored based on race sexual orientation and the overall way you look and I don’t believe you can have sympathy for anyone who gets paid to put there life on the line if chose that path in life Those with power will abuse it.

Sickening | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cop Killer performed by Body Count

There are no words to describe what a sickening comment on our society this garbage is. Law Enforcement puts it's life on the line every day for people they don't know...even these scum. If you are stopped by the Police, chances are there was a good reason to stop you. If you didn't do anything, just be polite and you should have nothing to fear. Maybe you matched a suspects description or maybe you came out of an area that is known for drugs or other crimes. Maybe you have drugs, in which case you deserve to be stopped. Why advocate MURDER of an innocent law enforcement officer doing thier job??? It is astounding how some people have NO CLUE of right or wrong and simply play the race card. "I was only stopped because I am (black, hispanic, arab, oriental, white...whatever.)" I guess it is OK that you just bought crack because you don't see that as being wrong. You wonder what effect this trash has on people...try looking at a website called the Officer Down Memorial Page ( and read the reflections section where widows, parents and children who lost a loved one write gut-wrenching letters that describe their feelings on senseless killings. Compare that to gangs that kill and commit other crimes. You tell me what makes sense. Maybe I should write a song about the death penalty and advocate that we step up our rate of executions until we clear our prisons of convicted murderers and those who have attempted murder! Cop Killer....Disgusting Garbage. These lyrics should be banned from any website with a shred of decency or morality.

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