Body Count Albums

  • Murder 4 Hire Album (8/1/2006)
    Invincible Gangsta
    The End Game
    You Don't Know Me (Pain)
    The Passion Of Christ
    In My Head
    D Rocs (R.I.P.)
    Murder 4 Hire
    Down In The Bayou
    Dirty Bombs

  • Violent Demise: Last Days Album (3/11/1997)
    My Way (featuring Raw Breed)
    Strippers Intro
    Truth Or Death
    Violent Demise
    Bring It To Pain
    Music Business
    I Used To Love Her
    Root Of All Evil
    Dead Man Walking
    Interview End
    You're Fuckin' With BC
    Ernie's Intro
    Dr. K
    Last Days

  • Born Dead Album (9/1/1994)
    Body M/F Count
    Masters Of Revenge
    Killing Floor
    Necessary Evil
    Drive By
    Last Breath
    Hey Joe
    Shallow Graves
    Surviving The Game
    Who Are You ?
    Street Lobotomy
    Born Dead

  • Body Count Album (3/30/1992)
    Smoked Pork
    Body Count's In The House
    Now Sports
    Body Count
    A Statistic
    Bowels Of The Devil
    The Real Problem
    KKK Bitch
    C Note
    The Winners Loses
    There Goes The Neighborhood
    Evil Dick
    Body Count Anthem
    Momma's Gotta Die Tonight
    Ice-T / Freedom Of Speech
    Out In The Parking Lot
    Cop Killer

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