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Dragonforce Body Breakdown Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2012 08:33:51 AM

Silent screams and shattered dreams of what we left at seventeen
Still lost within the misery and pain that lies inside
Here alone the fight to breathe still searching for the truth to be
Blackened by the burning fire held deep inside my mind!

Far beyond the lost horizon standing on the shore
Across the seas their hearts will bleed this life we're waiting for
Taste the steel in pain you kneel for glory we defend
Our fallen souls will rise to fight again!

Stay here with me this night we'll be together
Future in our hands we'll fight with freedom drawing near
Stand here with me for we will live forever
Tonight we stand and face it all

Falling rain will hide the pain that lies beneath the burning flames
All hope is gone so carry on before the world will fall
Rise again to die in vain now life can never be the same
Our own salvation drawing nearer hear the darkness call

Skies are falling thunder storming stand before the world
We're banished now to barren wastelands fight the demon horde
Riding on through blackened darkness cross the endless sands
We sail away our victory at hand!

Stay here with me together we'll be stronger
Side by side we've conquered lands and stormed across the seas

Die here with me we feel this pain no longer
For now and ever we will be

In my heart, in my soul, I am out of control
Fly across the mountains and towards the distant sun
Tears evermore we cry like before
Feel the breakdown of my body - set me free

[Solo: Sam]

[Instrumental Bridge]

[Solo: Herman / Sam / Vadim]

[Super Bridge]

[Solo: Sam/Vadim/Herman]

In my heart in my soul I am out of control
Fly across the mountains and towards the distant sun
Tears evermore, we cry like before
Feel the breakdown of my body
In my heart in my soul I am out of control
Fly across the mountains and towards the golden sun
Tears evermore, we cry like before
Feel the breakdown of my body
Feel the breakdown of my body
Set me free

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In relation to what maiden said | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/10

I played GHIII, I heard TTFAF, I then thought 'this sounds awesome, wonder what else they have' and as such now I am a fan. And it was only because of GHIII that I even heard of them. So think about that. Awesome song, awesome band, 'nuff said.

HOLY CRAP!!! | Reviewer: Blackshine | 5/19/10

Forget Body Breakdown, this song should be called Finger Breakdown. Have you tried playing this song on guitar? I definately HAVEN'T, and I don't ever plan to! I'm scared that my hands will catch fire and exploderize into a million subatomic particles!!!
Anyway, Dragonforce are my favourite band, and all of their songs can be described in one word...
Aww crap, that's two words...
Keep up the good work DF!
Peace out!

awesome | Reviewer: Flyfree | 2/24/10

THis song is awesome and dragonforce is awesome i think this people who tell that df sucks they are jealous because they cant play guitar as well as Herman or Sam and tehy all suck. Please learn 6 df songs and than you can criticise. But i think lyrics may be better sometimes but sometimes they are very very good and i dont like metallica :p

Dragonforce... | Reviewer: Maiden. | 1/20/10

its not about metallica for gods sake. i went to see this band, and let me tell you, they did not let me down. they played a kick ass show with sabaton, sylosis and someone else who obviously isnt good enough to be remembered haha. they were awesome. they are a brilliant band with a slight techno-metal feel to them. i recommend going to see them, its pretty epic looking at herman li's face haha. to all those D**** who played guitar hero and became 'fans', stay at home.

really good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/09

i really enjoy this song. mostly cuz of the music, but the lyrics really spoke to me in this 1. it tells how even the toughests dudes still cry occasionally "tears evemore, we cry like before" wow. i really like this one. probably #4 on my lists of df faves.

Objection to ricross | Reviewer: whitey | 4/29/09

Now dont get me wrong i do like DF but i agree with Heresy music awards mean nothing these days Metallica have a much more compiled collection of hits and their new album Death Magnetic shows us that even though they are old they still rock the f*** out

Don't Be Idiots | Reviewer: Haru | 4/6/09

To all the retards that think dragonforce sucks in reality, the only reason Dragonforce have trouble playing live is because metal-morons want them to give a show full of action and movement. You can't play good and fast like that and still bounce around like idiots!!! (I know, I play Guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums.) If you'd let them stand and actually play, they'd be just as good as on the cd. They don't jump around in the studio!!!

Dragonforce is pretty good. | Reviewer: Heresy | 3/29/09

This song is one of my favorites of theirs, second only to Through the Fire and Flames. But I do have to admit. They are not as good live as they are in-studio, and I don't care what awards they won; Britney Spears won an award for musical talent last year, so awards don't mean jack to me. I've heard them live and honestly, their guitars aren't going as fast as they seem; it's just layering of four guitars while using only two guitarists. Still, they make good music, so I don't mind.

sounds kinda like the Exodus of Hebrews in Egypt | Reviewer: ricross15 | 12/13/08

u know it sounds kinda like the story. constantly enslaved and stuff like that. i really cant explain it that well. and to the guy that df sucks live, can u explain to me, if they suck live, how in the name of God did they win the best live award?? cant, i know. ur opinion doesnt mean shit compared to those people who voted them, yes over all those so called "better metal bands", Dragonforce was elected over all of them. including slipknot, metalica, iron maiden all those bands fell to the might of Dragonforce.

Great | Reviewer: cruzifx | 6/25/08

I love DragonForce and Hammerfall, I think they are the best "PowerMetal" bands.
I heard a lot of Bands and I just have to say, that their lyrics are awesome.

Stay here with me, together we'll be stronger
die here with me, we feel this pain no longer

I think those are the 2 succesfull lines.

Also Hammerfall - Always will be :

You were the wind beneath my wings, thought me how to fly.

You were the Angel of my life, thought me to be free, now I'm a stranger in your eyes...