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Velvet Revolver Bodies Lyrics

Last updated: 09/06/2007 12:00:00 PM


they never even performed this song...

These are the lyrics to: X-Wild (artist) - bodies (song)

(bodies was originally performed by the sex pistols)

So you should move these lyrics to the correct artist.

here are the lyrics:

[Originally performed by Sex Pistols] X-wild version:

She was a girl from Birmingham
she just had an abortion
she was a case of insanity
her name was Pauline she lived in a tree

She was a no-one who killed her baby
she sent her letters from the country
she was an animal
she was a bloody disgrace

Body I'm not an animal
Mummy I'm not an abortion

Dragged on a table in a factory
illegitimate place to be
in a packet in a lavatory
die little baby screaming

Body screaming fucking bloody mess
it's not an animal it's an abortion

Body I'm not an animal
Body I'm not an abortion

Throbbing squirm, gurgling bloody mess
I'm not a discharge I'm not a loss in
protein I'm not a throbbing squirm Ah!

Fuck fhis and fuck that
fuck it all and fuck the fucking brat
She don't wanna baby that looks like that
I don't wanna baby that looks like that.

Body I'm not an animal
Body I'm not an abortion
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