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This young man we want to introduce to you, nice fans and friends, comes from Hodgenville, Kentucky. He is one of the fastest rising new artists in country music today. His name is Bobby Lewis. Bobby started his career at a very early age. When he was 9, his brother Jack taught him some chords on a borrowed guitar. Bobby's father made a promise that if he could learn well enough he would buy the lad one of his own. Soon his dad was out a new guitar. Bobby played every place he could and soon was entering and winning amateur contest far and wide. Soon he was working on local radio stations and being invited to appear many places. At 13, Booby auditioned for Hi Varieties a WHAS-TV teenage show, in Lousville, Kentucky. Bobby became a regular on this show and then joined The Old Kentucky Barn Dance, which was on WHAS radio, and then the CBS Network's Saturday Night Country Style. He subsequently advanced to a top rated weekly WHAS-TV show, Hayloft Hoedown. He has also toured Canada twice and appeared on the BBC network. Bobby has also worked with the official USO for many years and has entertained our troops in many states across the nation. He has made appearances on a lot of the top country shows and has worked many telethons, with national and international stars. One of Bobby's greatest ambitions was to appear on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. On his first Opry appearance he was so well accepted he stopped the show and received an encore! Bobby said, This Was The Happiest Moment Of My Life! Bobby's record of Perfect Example Of A Fool made a lot of top 10 charts around the country and his next release Six Days Week And Twice On Sunday played even better. Bobby, now living in Nashville, appears on the Grand Ole Opry from time to time and quite often headlines The Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree on WSM. Aside from singing, Bobby spends a lot of time writing songs and has penned about 200. His hobbies are juggling, golfing, water skiing, woodworking, and cutting his own hair. It is with great pride that we write this brief introduction and it was an honor that Bobby Lewis ask us to do so, for he is a very deserving person. As most country music lovers know, we live and breath our music. In this business, so often it is asked what it takes to become a star. It takes good looks, personality, some soul and a whole lot of heart and determination, and it is our sincerely honest opinion that Bobby Lewis has all of this and more. So please give a listen to this young man, and we know you will feel the same as we do. So when Bobby Lewis comes to your part of the country by way of records or in person, you're in for a real treat from one of the most sincere, down-to-earth country music artists that has come along in some time.
- Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Tubb -
Nashvile, Tennessee, 1967

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Would love to know when Bobby will be appearing in Kentucky | Reviewer: Sandra Kay | 7/19/14

Yes, I am Sandra Kay!!! My husband saw Bobby on television appearing in Shepherdsville, Ky. and we would love to see Bobby perform in person. Loved Iva and Ted and Jackie.

met and hears bobby lewis | Reviewer: chris lassen | 6/9/14


A name from my teeny bopper days... | Reviewer: Lah | 2/20/14

Just wondering, what happened to the Lazy Lou (or maybe that was Lew)? Fun times many years ago on Lake C. Congrats on your career achievements. Never forget that behind every successful man, there's a good woman...I see you have one in your life. :)

Air Play in the UK GB | Reviewer: David Markham. | 1/29/14

Longtime since we made contact with you ! Now we have our very own country- Radio station here,and Sweden.Now I know your music from years ago,
So the fact you still love recording and it's fantastic,but as you will know the next generation won't ever come up to your standards ,so wouldn't it me nice if fans could latch onto you,your music.
Let me give you Air Play !! Mail David Country music promoter and Country music singer songwriter,40 years+ in country radio My DJ .Bryan Chalker.what have you to lose !.?, we look forward hearing from you.

Sandra Kay | Reviewer: Wil Davis | 9/14/12

I am looking for the record Sandra Kay or a copy of it. As I remember singing it to my wife Sandra Kay. We have been married for 46 years. Please if anyone knows where i can get it please e-mail me at or call 5740-870-2884

Heart of Texas Concert | Reviewer: Ken and Johnnie Holman | 8/18/12

Bobby, We saw your show last night 8/17/2012. We thought you did a wonderful job on your songs, especially your new one, Everythings Good In Texas, very catchy tune. I know it will do very well on the charts, (and make a lot of money). Was that really Hank Williams hat? Your friends and neighbors, Ken and Johnnie Holman

REMEMBERING HODGENVILLE | Reviewer: joan ford | 11/11/11

I grew up in hart county and my cousin is Bobby Brooks i used to see you at the Lincoln Jamboree when i was a kid i have lived in nashville area for 35 years do you still sing at the opry
hope all is well

Bobby Lewis Song "Sandra Kay" | Reviewer: Esther Wheatley | 7/25/11

I would listen to the song "Sandra Kay" back in 1964 and 1965. Because of that song when my daughter was born in July, 1965 I named her Sandra Kaye. I have been wanting a copy of the song for years now and can't find it.
Where can I find a copy. I told my daughter I named her after that song and I want her to hear it. Thanks, Esther

Lincoln Jamboree Days | Reviewer: Johnny (Jackie) Grubbs | 4/23/11

I first saw you at the Lincoln Jamboree. My dad, Johnny Grubbs, played there every Saturday night for several years. I remember your brother Jack, CORNSILK, WHAT A HOOT!! My sister Donna and I would sit on the front row every time we went. We always hoped for a ajm session after the show so we could dance on the stage! We actually danced in the show in 1957 in the theater on the old town square. Just wanted to drop you a line. Hope all is well.

Great performance too long ago | Reviewer: Wally Holley | 8/13/10

I was a guest of Kenny Edwards family at your performance at the Navy Chief's club in Charleston SC in the early 80's. Haven't forgotten hearing you sing Heaven To Heartache "live". Bought your albumn onboard ship in 1967 and played it over and over whlie deployed. How can I contact you? Thank you for years of great entertainment.

Bobby Lewis | Reviewer: Bertha Bluehawk | 8/13/10

You were a great singer. I live in Louisville.
and really loved your songs. I would love a copy
of your song Sandra Kay. My family was also from
Hodgenville. Is there any way i can get a photo.

Best Wishes

So good to hear you | Reviewer: joyce Borders Hopper | 9/23/07

I heard you last night on the Ernest Tubb Record shop. Have wondeded where you were and how. Sorry to hear about your bro.
I last saw you at the 25th union of the hoedown in ind. I am the once young alburn hair girl that almost lived at WHAS back in the '50s. Still in valley station and pick up WSM most late nights.
Again, great to hear you.

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