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Bobby Darin 30th Anniversary Tribute

By Jay Tell, Dec 20, 2003, jaytell @

Can it be 30 years since Bobby Darin’s untimely passing?
Walden Robert Cassotto was born May 14, 1936 in the Bronx,
New York. As a boy he yearned for fame and a show business
career, searched the phone book, and became Bobby Darin.
Bobby tragically left us on December 20, 1973, too young,
only 37, before he could embrace his future, before we
fully appreciated the Darin treasure and mystique. I knew
Bobby 10 years, 1963 to 1973. During his last More...

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Review about Bobby Darin songs
    ------ About the song Artificial Flowers performed by Bobby Darin

I am not sure what we were thinking in the late fifties i just wish we had that music today instead of a cascade of drivel and foul language that people call music in this day & age Artificial Flowers is a lovely song that makes you feel happy and sad and sang by a true pro, as for mack the knife it is what it is a song about the Mafia
what are we going to do just pretend these people don't exist,a bad person comes to a sticky end and even more to the point we are still listening and enjoying this music today 60 years on you are lucky if any of these so called singers last a year these days please think about your comments before you bad mouth true professionals of the music industry

If I were a carpenter | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song If I Were A Carpenter performed by Bobby Darin

It sounds like color bar in the song, but could just as easily be colored boy, a phrase which was used when this song came out as it was considered more polite. Everything wasn't so black and white back then!

Simply put | Reviewer: Hermann pichler
    ------ About the song Simple Song Of Freedom performed by Bobby Darin

I have never heard that beautiful song before I heard it on john Sebastian's PBS special. Ay the time ,bobby darin sung it,I lived in my home country Austria and had no idea about bobby darin. Later, when I came to this country I learned more about the man.

To bad he did not live longer. Only the good die young.
He did not need artistic moves, no ridiculous outfits, he just sung. And I have him in my heart

Oh! Don't take it so personal. | Reviewer: Rafael
    ------ About the song If I Were A Carpenter performed by Bobby Darin

This song has been performed by various artists and the bottom line is some know how to sing it and some don't. It's an awesome song and yes it is very descriptive of a time before the 1930's not necessarily middle ages. RC.

What's so koo-koo-kool? | Reviewer: Dick Metafora
    ------ About the song Artificial Flowers performed by Bobby Darin

Lemme see, A nine year old orphan freezes to death while peddling her tragic flowers, made from her despair, no less, and Wow does the D-Man put on that zippidy doo ring-a-ding style to it. WTF? Add this to "Mack the Knife" for unbelievably moronic approaches to serial murders and child poverty. What the hell were we thinking in the late 50s?

four tops | Reviewer: evilynne
    ------ About the song If I Were A Carpenter performed by Bobby Darin

I remember listening to this years ago by the fours tops. Had it on an old cassette. I always thought the words were colour box meaning would she miss the fine things like make up for her face. Why does rascism always have to come into it. Just enjoy the music.

Love it! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gyp The Cat performed by Bobby Darin

Have heard "Mack the Knife" all my life and any musician can hear it is a mimic of that. But...the lyric twists are great! And, as usual, Darin just brings it home! A friend of mine told me about this song the other day and I have played it at least a dozen times. I was 6 when it was recorded! LOL

Middle Age British ballad traditions | Reviewer: WoundedEagle
    ------ About the song If I Were A Carpenter performed by Bobby Darin

I hate to sound like a teacher, but here goes. Tim Hardin was a folk singer and we must consider that this is a Folk Ballad that is steeped in the history and traditions of British folk music dating back to at least the Middle Ages. It's related to similar folk ballads like "Barbara Allen," "Greensleeves," "Three Marys" and others. During the Middle Ages and for several centuries afterward, it was unheard of for a "Lady" to have anything to do with a commoner workman such as a carpenter, a tinker, or a miller. The song asks, "If I were a carpenter, and you were a Lady, would you marry me anyway, would you have my baby." So the speaker in the song is asking his true love if she would love him even if their love were absolutely forbidden by all social mores and conventions. Would she forget her noble birth and status to live with him as a common working man, and by so doing turn completely away from the fine things of life that would be hers if she married someone from her own noble class. A carpenter or a tinker would never be able to afford the "colored blouse" or the "soft shoe shining" because peasants wore clothes made of rough woven and naturally dyed fabric similar to flour sacks and gunny sacks and wore wooden shoes similar to clogs and called sabots.
So basically the song asks if the woman would leave her world of high birth and luxury to live with a man who must work 16 hours a day trying to keep her from starving for the rest of her life? How many of us ever get to experience a love strong enough for such sacrifice, for such devotion?

who is he | Reviewer: joneal murray
    ------ About the song Simple Song Of Freedom performed by Bobby Darin

what is his last name anyone pleas etell me neither if you tell me i migth not be where to answer back well i well check back this website some other day like tomorrow or next week or next year because people hardly visit these boring website they more into now a days things like those stuqid singers i hate them i not listen to any of them cuz they and their song a evil and those people is be listening to them is like they in know that that is evilness they listening to and some people know it and still listening and let me give you an example of 1 singer who in the evilness beyounce, jz, machell jackson, willow smith and her brother, reanna, nickii manaj, and others their are so many thats if you all know what i talking about if you donot research THE SECRET BEHIND THE MUSIC or BEHIND THE MUSIC

fantastic | Reviewer: barbi
    ------ About the song Beyond the Sea performed by Bobby Darin

hy, Im from hungary and I love those old american songs:-)) This is an amazing one! I have first heard it at the end of the film Nemo and I can't stop listening it again and again:-))))

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