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b. Robert Joseph Bare, 7 April 1935, Ironton, Ohio, USA.
Bare was raised on a farm; his mother died when he was
five, and his sister was adopted. As an adolescent, he
dreamed of being Hank Williams: "then Hank died and I
didn't want to be like him no more". Nevertheless, he
started songwriting and secured an early morning radio
spot, and later worked on television in Charleston, West
Virginia. He moved to California and impressed Capitol
Records, recording for them in 1955. After receiving his
draft notice in 1958, he wrote a parody More...

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Review about Bobby Bare songs
such a cute song | Reviewer: Michelle Passalaqua
    ------ About the song Where'd I Come From performed by Bobby Bare

I remember this song from when i was a child in the 80,s. My mother and father saw them in Tahoe and bought the cassette Can't find this song on the internet . Sure would love to hear the original again. <3

Wrong author | Reviewer: Bear Peterson
    ------ About the song Just The Other Side Of Nowhere performed by Bobby Bare

While Bobby Bare did do an excellent cover of this song, please give credit where it is due, this song was written by Kris Kristofferson, it was first recorded on his 1970 debut LP simply titled "Kristofferson" which was later re-released as the LP "Me and Bobby McGee" after Janis Joplin made a smash hit out of one of the songs it contained.

An Essential Rock Tune | Reviewer: George Sanger
    ------ About the song All American Boy performed by Bobby Bare

My rock n roll mentor and high school band instructor was the magnificent Bob Demmon, leader of the surf band The Astronauts (big hit: "Baja" sold 7 million in Japan, and the Beach Boys opened for the Astronauts there.)

Shortly after I expressed interest in forming an "oldies" band in '72 or so, he took me to his house where he was transferring his vinyl to 1/4" halftrack tape, and started up a cassette for me, onto which he put the tunes I "had to know."

"All American Boy" was on there, right along with Maybelline, Tutti Fruity, Blue Suede Shoes, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' on, etc. So, yeah, I was just trying to remember the very few lyrics I'd forgotten so I can play the tune again. I love it--(especially the stammering bits.) great job, and THANKS!

George Sanger
The Fat Man
Legendary Game Audio Guru

Me And Bobby Mcgee the classic of all classics | Reviewer: Bob
    ------ About the song Me And Bobby Mcgee performed by Bobby Bare

This song has several quotes worth noting. The first is "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose" and "Nothing ain't worth nothing but its free" "I'd give all my tomorrws for just one yesterday--". "I'd give all my tomorrows" is one of the strongest appeals to sorrow I have ever heard. Nothing more needs to be said after that statement. So many have sang this song it has become a classic of all classics. Janice Joplin, Roger Miller, Bobby Bare on and on and I am sure the future will see other who will reintroduce this classic to a new generation.

clever lyrics and great finale | Reviewer: walter prendergast
    ------ About the song Chicago Story performed by Bobby Bare

heard this song years ago and thought it was great then and still do.however dont see it on any cd recording.very simple backdround at the beginning with some athmospheric fiddle/violin in the middle and building up with brass to a crecendo at the end. could have eaily been a sucessful single.cant imagine anyone singing it as well as bobby bare

Love the song | Reviewer: Ed Love
    ------ About the song All American Boy performed by Bobby Bare

I found the record at a antique store. Someone had several stacks of 45's he was selling. There was a EP with the King label and that song was on there. I played the song and instantly remember hearing it when it first came out. At 56 I still love it.

Wonderful, Wonderful day | Reviewer: Kim
    ------ About the song Countin' The Hours Countin' The Days performed by Bobby Bare

I am searching for a song that goes, 'It will be a wonderful, wonderful day when we see our momma again." Could someone tell me where I can find that song and who the artist is? I was told that Bobby Bare is the artist. However, I cannot find that song. Please help!!

Loan Payday | Reviewer: Sivan
    ------ About the song Let's Make Love Not War performed by Bobby Bare

Hi all. Is there life before death?
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With love :-(, Sivan.

Bobby Bare sings Tom T. | Reviewer: mike o'connell
    ------ About the song (margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn performed by Bobby Bare

Bobby Bare lends a sweetness to several of T's creations that we don't get in T's own vocal versions. Waitress at the Main Street Cafe, I Took a Memory to Lunch, Where Have All the Seasons Gone, to name a few. Some people tire of the monotone style of standards like A Week in a Country Jail and The Ballad of Forty Dollars, but when we hear Bare sing Margie we realize what a great and versatile melodist T was. Some of T's side B album stuff like I Flew Over Our House Last Night and Little Brown Suitcase still blows me away.

Songwriters not listed | Reviewer: Beth McCabe
    ------ About the song Monkey And The Elephant performed by Bobby Bare

This song was co-written by Baxter taylor and Shel Silverstein. Please add this information to this listing., per the artist baxter Taylor.

Thank you.

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