Bob Sinclar Albums

  • Disco Crash Album (6/1/2012)
    Rock The Boat
    Fuck With You
    Wild Thing
    Far L'amore
    Not Gangsta
    Put Your Handz Up
    Tik Tok
    Around The World
    Rainbow Of Love
    The Network
    Magic Fly

  • Born In 69 Album (7/14/2009)
    Lala Song
    Give Me Some More
    Love You No More
    People Of Tomorrow
    The Way I Feel

  • Soundz Of Freedom Album (5/12/2007)
    Sound Of Freedom
    Rock This Party
    What I Want
    Kiss My Eyes
    I Feel For You
    The Beat Goes On

  • Western Dream Album (9/1/2006)
    Love Generation
    Everybody Movin'
    World, Hold On
    Miss Me
    For You
    Sing My Song
    In The Name Of Love
    Amora, Amor
    Shining From Heaven
    Give A Lil' Love
    Love Generation (Ron Caroll Remix)

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