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One of the cornerstones of the Detroit rock 'n' roll sound,
Bob Seger (b.
Robert Clark Seger, May 6, 1945, Dearborn, Michigan) has in
the course of his 30-year career proven to be one of
America's most consistent songwriting talents. Like Bruce
Springsteen, Seger has amassed an extremely loyal audience
that has come to see him as representing the voice of
everyman--of sharing the same beliefs, values and
working-class background, yet still rising above it all for
the glory of rock 'n' roll and the personal redemption it
promises. In More...

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Review about Bob Seger songs
Something personal | Reviewer: Paul Roth
    ------ About the song Turn The Page performed by Bob Seger

I just heard this song a hour ago in my motorcar. I've been on a
stage all my life; hurt pours out of me like the emotions that I feel. Is it a man, is it a woman. I'm on stage playing a roll,
and I cannot tell anyone who I really am. To anyone who reads this, it's just meaningless rambling. If someone thinks he understands, there are so many Paul Roths, that no one knows this is me, and it can't be held against me. Well, it seems that this song refers to more than cultural differences, doesn't it?

Horror Movie Whore | Reviewer: Frank N. Blunt
    ------ About the song Night Moves performed by Bob Seger

I was mean and selfish but that's the way she liked it. She was a worn out whore with two black eyes, the kind of gash that has to be told twice, that explains the Irish sunglasses.

Sandy Fudge hadn't been doing much business lately because she had stomach worms, guys didn't like worms crawling out of her ass and tickling their balls back then. I'm a bit kinky though, besides I love to fish.

Janey, his girlfriend in H.S. | Reviewer: william visel
    ------ About the song Against The Wind performed by Bob Seger

OK, I DONT know if this is true but heard it in my family. My aunts name is Jane, I was told she dated him, they both lived in Ann Arbor and went to the same school "pioneer". My family told me that she is Janey in this song. Im curious too if its true.


Roll Me Away | Reviewer: Mark1512
    ------ About the song Roll Me Away performed by Bob Seger

Once a long time ago, I moved out West (from Ohio) with nothing but a car full of stuff and some cash in my pocket. This was the song got me going and keeps me going... Forever!

Good Life Lesson | Reviewer: Lollypop 1
    ------ About the song Lock And Load performed by Bob Seger

This title seems to indicate something violent but that is not accurate. It is a good life lesson for anyone who has been living in the fast lane and finds out that it is not satisfying for a person who cares and loves. I personally know a few people including myself that listened to this song and started again. If one has doubts about the road one is on, listen and change for the better!

Like it was yesterday... | Reviewer: Lonnie the Gray
    ------ About the song Night Moves performed by Bob Seger

I remember slipping "Night Moves" into the 8-track player and snuggling up close to Vickey on a warm summer night. KAGO hill was a very popular place to take someone special back in those day. Wait, I don't mean "special", what I mean is "willing"... ;)

God! The summer of '77!` | Reviewer: Leigh
    ------ About the song Night Moves performed by Bob Seger

That summer was so special to me for so many reasons, starting with the fact that the tyrant of my life, my father, who had terrorized and beat me even more than usual since he'd "disowned" me two years before when I was 15 was finally out of the house and my life. For me, that was reason enough to party that summer away.
Trying to say this in a way that won't sound completely conceited isn't easy, but please understand I'm now saying what I was told then, and what I now see and remember from memories and pictures (I actually was still kind of insecure at the start of the summer, which was always my birthday, June 17th. But that did change once my pure, virginal state did, and I discovered my power over men.) I was nearly 17, 5'8" tall, slim, great figure, waist-length dark hair, and I tanned easily and deeply. But I was the last of my friends to lose my virginity, so I "decided" to do it.
Because of my home life, I was somewhat more mature than others my age, and I knew that if a girl had feelings for her first, he'd always have some control over her. I didn't want that; I'd been more than enough controlled by my father. So after a party one night where we got good and drunk and high, my best friend, the guy she was with and one of our friends who I used to have a crush on but didn't any more (still, he was a nice guy and quite good-looking. My only regret later was that I had no idea he was involved with someone. I didn't like the girl, and I don't think she ever found out, but as a feminist from birth I didn't believe
- and still don't - in cheating with someone else's guy.) We all got into one of the guys' car and drove to the local park in our part of Brooklyn, NY. I didn't even tell him it was my first time until we were done. I must not have been bad for a beginner, since this guy who never gave me a second look when I was crushin' on him urged me into 2 more "dates" before I found out about his girlfriend. But I was on my way to Florida where I usually spent part of the summer, and I have to admit, I did go a little wild. Not exactly promiscuous, or at least it wouldn't be called that if I'd been a guy. But in addition to my first in Brooklyn, I got involved with another guy, 5 years older. And in Florida, my first night hanging out with my cousin, his brother who I never really got along with showed up with a friend in a gorgeous red TransAm. Paul, the 6'8" cousin, rushed over and picked me up. Since he was exactly a foot taller than me, I started kicking & screaming for him to put me the f*** down! I usually don't have any trace of a Brooklyn accent, except sometimes when I get mad. I remember being held high up in the air, and suddenly looking to my left, into the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen, on a black-haired handsome guy who I thought was looking at me thinking, "Is this chick crazy?" But it turned out he was having the same reaction I was. That night I called my best friend in NY and told her I'd met the guy I was going to marry. (It took a lot of years and miscommunications, but it finally happened a little more than 20 years later). But back in 1977 he had a girlfriend (again, one I didn't like, but I DID like the fact that, altho I KNEW he wanted me as much as I wanted him, he never made a move on me.) But we spent time together, and talked like we'd known each other forever. He was a champion motorcycle road racer back then (paying for it now), and I was the only girl he knew who wasn't afraid to ride with him on his bike. While all the others would squeal in fear, I'd be shouting "Go faster!" (When we finally reconnected 20 years later, we realized we'd been soul mates all along.) But as far as the song goes, since the summer or 2 before I'd been introduced first to a mutual friend of his and my cousin's, and that friend considered me his girlfriend. I went along with it; it got me included on couples' nights, and I'm ashamed to say after one concert, when my green-eyed soul mate Charlie went off to his bedroom with his then girlfriend, I wound up in another bedroom with the other guy, Gary. It was pity sex, no question, but I think we straightened things out later down the years.
Maybe the funniest thing about that summer and how it began was summed up wile listening to my favorite radio station, which sadly no longer exists, at least in the same format and with the DJs it used to have. It was WNEW-FM ("Where Rock Lives"), and after playing "Night Moves", the DJ working that night, Dennis Elsas if I remember correctly, said to his audience, "Hey, why don't you call in and tell me where you had sex the first time." I remember my best friend calling me a moment after, laughing and saying, "There may be people who can say they did it in a car, or in a parking lot, but I bet no one else can say they did it in the middle of Marine Park just as the sun was rising rising!" But I didn't have the guts then to call in and say so. Still, this song and the Eagles' "Victim of Love" were my two songs from that summer of 1977. I practically never hear either song played, but when I do, I go right back there. Good thing Billy Joel's "Stiletto" wasn't dedicated to me till the following year!

Incredibly moving! | Reviewer: James Counsell
    ------ About the song We've Got Tonight performed by Bob Seger

One of my all time favourite songs! Many memories are provoked whenever this song is played. Like all great songs this one stays with you until long after it has finished! A beautiful and sturring song and also totally timeless... Amazing!!!

Wonijack | Reviewer: Jack
    ------ About the song Night Moves performed by Bob Seger

This song is about live. When you get old you will think back to the summertime of your life. The nights closing in. Funny you don't see it for what it's worth until its closing in. Night moves.

Great Song | Reviewer: Janice
    ------ About the song Night Moves performed by Bob Seger

I Highly disagree with Jeff. I understand that Seger may not be everyone's style but he has written many great songs; "Still the Same" "Turn the Page" "Against the Wind" are a few examples of how a simple song can convey so much. Given the load of crap we have to swallow today this is Pure Music to my ears.

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