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Robert Nesta Marley
BORN: February 6, 1945, St. Ann, Jamaica
DIED: May 11, 1981, Miami, FL

In the year 1944, Captain Norval Marley married a young
Jamaican girl named Cedalla Booker. On February 6, 1945 at
two thirty in the morning their son, Robert Nesta Marley
was born in his grandfather's house. Soon after Bob was
born his father left his mother. He did however give
financial support and occasionally returned to see his son.

It was now the late fifties, jobs were scarce in Jamaica,
so Bob followed his mother from their home in St. More...

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Review about Bob Marley songs
Everything's gonna be alright | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song No woman no cry performed by Bob Marley

I love this song Bob Marley was a great songwriter and musician his music penetrates your being and takes you to a better place. His music has got me through many difficult times over the years. I use his words "Everything's gonna be alright" as a mantra whenever things get tough and it always lifts my spirit.

Thanks Bob RIP

music from the ghetto | Reviewer: ahlmann
    ------ About the song Them belly full ( But we hungry ) performed by Bob Marley

i remembered this song whilst reading Spiritual Warfare by Jed McKenna, and to me it symbolizes spiritual starvation. that even with our physical needs met we find lack, desolateness, emptyness, why continue living the way we do in dissatisfaction? We know this hole can not be filled with food, goods, entertainment, why do we continue doing it?

Rise up, start dancing to get into your spiritual self, not to rid yourself of dissatisfaction, but to fertilize and irrigate, explore it, find truth inside you, turn your weakness into strength, shit into gold, and dismiss everyting that's wrong and untrue in this world. because whatever you find outside of yourselves, it won't fill that hole: the food no 'nough

stiff naked fools.bob merly | Reviewer: thuranira njiba
    ------ About the song Stiff necked fools performed by Bob Marley

I just say that,this song is so worthy to those stiff naked fools who think they are good and better than others you know your self just take jah sun,jah rain and jah moon and jah stars ............... just look to the lyrics

The saint | Reviewer: Ncamiso M. Sibandze
    ------ About the song Slogans performed by Bob Marley

Brada Robert Nesta i've been listening at your songs bt you exeld on slogans,you proved tht u were a peace figter,u opposed act tht wanted to put pple in opprestion,u w'll live mai heart 4eva

My man in mirror | Reviewer: Ras Jah Hope
    ------ About the song No more trouble performed by Bob Marley

I'm one of rwandan reggae singers! so for the situation we're living through... is very important to follow Bob's path to calm down worring people because of this humble situation.

Marley and the Jews | Reviewer: Conquering Lion of Judah
    ------ About the song Zion train performed by Bob Marley

There's no evidence that Marley had anything against the Jews or Zionism. Rastafarianism is based on Haile Selassie being a direct descendant of King Solomon of the House of David, via the Queen of Sheba and Menelik I. His grandmother, Ellen Marley ne Broomfield, was Jewish and his son Ziggy (David) is married to an Israeli Jew, Orly Marley,who is also his business manager. Ziggy visits Israel frequently and celebrates the Jewish holidays with their kids. Another Bob Marley son, Rohan Marley, will be visiting Israel next week for 2 nights of 69th birthday celebrations at the Barbie, well known Tel Aviv venue, where Israel's leading reggae and soul artists wull be paying tribute to the Iron Lion of Zion. In traditional Rastafarianism, Zion means Ethiopia, but in "de facto Rasta" its meaning is gradually migrating to mean the original Zion, which is variously Mt. Zion, the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and/or the land of Israel.

Redemption Song final performance | Reviewer: Stephen B
    ------ About the song Redemption song performed by Bob Marley

"Redemption Song" was the final song performed by Bob Marley in public, the last encore in his final concert, which took place at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Syria Mosque. (Sadly, the Syria Mosque is also now gone.)

ALL | Reviewer: wisdom
    ------ About the song Redemption song performed by Bob Marley

Bob marly i luv u and your songs.Infact u are more than a mentor to me,i always feel happy when listenin to ur songs and i that u change the life many with ur songs .U were there exposin injustice also fightin 4 freedom .Thank ya

focus | Reviewer: baity ba
    ------ About the song Ambush in the night performed by Bob Marley

a shooting was planned and they got bob in his elbow while his wife was in the kitchen meanwhile he discussed with don tailor his manager.ambush in the night focused on this plan of eliminating him,because both power and opponents hoped that bob was with them.but fortunately for him he was a rasta and said:doubling in politics i don't know what that is,i'm a rasta i fight from every angle to help my people to be free by knowing that the devilish came to teach us the wrong way the untruth...listen to his interview when he went to spain for the first time.take it easy dear rastas and fans

Da best | Reviewer: lena.I
    ------ About the song One love / people get ready performed by Bob Marley

This song is a special song to the world, Whenever i listen to it i feel that there is call to duty action, like what i mean is that we need to do something about.
I love you Bob Marley and thankyou for writting this song.This song is an insparation to me my family and the world.

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