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Marshall Tucker Band Bob Away My Blues Lyrics

Last updated: 06/22/2009 11:00:00 AM

Well I'm goin' down to the river
I've got a canepole in my hand
I've got my redworms in a Maxwell house coffee can
I'm gonna sit under ashade tree on a riverbank where it's cool
I'm gonna close my eyes and dream and let the cork Bob away my blues

Well I wake up every mornin' I pick peaches all day
And on Saturday night we'll have a dance or two we might waller in the hay
Now the only thing that ever whipped my pa
Was this bad dude called old age
And his last years was his best years
And this is what he had to say

He said boy I've worked this dirt all my life but things ain't been good for awhile
Why don't you move to the city make a little money you might be the first one in
The family ever to die with a smile
Well I took his advice things goin' well
But my friends are far and few
But whoever said a city boy can't have the country blues
Whoever said a city boy can't have the country blues
Whoever said a city boy can't have the country blues
Well honey they ain't talked to me and you

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To Bob Away My Blues Again | Reviewer: Chuck Jeffrey | 6/19/09

This may be my favorite MTB song, and that's saying a lot. They had so many great songs to have never made the critical acclaim that they deserved. It took me back to a more pleasant time when life was more simple. How nice I'd be to find that river, sit under that shade tree and let that cork Bob Away My Blues. Back when I had this experience I was too young to have the blues and now days we're to busy, but I think I'll put it on my TO DO list.

Bring back Bob Away My Blues | Reviewer: Mac Keyz | 2/13/08

This is truly a classic song that has endured the test of time. With so many artist making new cuts of old classics (and some not so classic) it's surprising that someone hasn't picked this one up.

Bob Away My Blues is a tremendous "Feel Good" tune. It speaks volumes to anyone who gave up country life in an effort to make a better living for themselves and their families.

Bob Away Marshall Tucker!