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FORMED: 1989, Colchester, England

The history of Blur can be traced back to 1980 when Damon
Albarn (b.1968) and Graham Coxon (b.1969) met as schoolboys
at Stanway Comprehensive School in Colchester, Essex, where
they sang together in the choir. Both were drawn to music.
Damon, a Londoner by birth, was the son of Keith Albarn, a
former luminary of England's late-1960's psychedelic rock.
Arriving in Colchester in the late '70's, young Damon began
studying music. Coxon, who was born on an airbase in
Germany, was also the son of a More...

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Review about Blur songs
Death of a Party | Reviewer: C.D. Anderson, composer.
    ------ About the song Death Of a Party performed by Blur

This is the song that is written for good reviews, because, there is nothing to criticize. It is very well composed, and essence, not in any way flawed nor merely average work. This is by far one of Blur's most brilliant lyrically, and thought provoking. In addition, the chord progressions are quite beautiful. Nice work.

Breaking up | Reviewer: DrunkenSailor
    ------ About the song No Distance Left to Run performed by Blur

It's truly a song about a break up.
This song is amazing because it shows the exact feelings when someone is being left; you don't want the other one to suffer, you want him/her to be happy, to find someone that makes her safe like he says. The guitar is awesome as usual, coxon is a genius.

Utter Rubbish | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Song 2 performed by Blur

Hate to break it to anyone who provided a so-called "interpretation", but the lyrics to this song are in fact complete nonsense. The band wrote the song to mock the grunge movement rampant in the United States at the time (since they were anti-grunge, and sought to replace any grunge present in the UK with britpop). They didn't really like the song, and most likely wouldn't have put the song on their album if they hadn't been pushed to do so by their record label. It was such a last minute decision and hastily made/unimportant song that they didn't even bother providing it with a name, hence the title "Song 2" (it's the second track on the album, not that most people would know that). I'm a big fan of Blur, and one of my greatest pet peeves is when people obsess over Song 2 only, and don't bother listening to anything else (and even have the balls to claim that they're fans").

Wow | Reviewer: Robert
    ------ About the song Tender performed by Blur

I see this song as not just about love or the breaking up of relationships, but the courage required in love itself. Having the courage to allow it to be reciprocated or not is the real question. When you love yourself and who you are, the courage to allow someone to love you becomes easier

    ------ About the song She's So High performed by Blur

In 1990, a small band from Britain, newly renamed Blur after a brief tenure as Seymour, released their debut single, one they had high hopes for, with a mixture of neo-psychedelia haziness and more coventional pop melodies. And, in fact, it ended up being rather successful, reaching #48 on the UK Charts.

Though Blur would later drive away from the ponderous shoegazing style they explored here, this is still a hugely promising and enjoyable debut.

The song, with Damon Albarn's echo-drenched vocals and Graham Coxon's ringing, dreamy guitars, is obviously very influenced by their British colleagues at the time (ie. The Stone Roses, Slowdive, The Verve), but there's a big factor to this song that clearly separates it from the competition.

Unlike some bands who tried too hard to be dry and cynical, or others who tried too hard to be achingly emotional, Blur finds that perfect in-between: it does have a tongue-in-cheek sense to it, yes, but it also has an earnest feeling to it, giving it a certain resonating warmth that many other shoegazing bands never accomplished.

That aside, everything's already down to perfection here - the harmonies are pristine and Beatlesque, the guitars swirling like a vortex, with a moderate backbeat that keeps the show rolling.

For a lesser band, this would probably be the height of their career - for Blur, it was only just the beginning.

Blur: Beetlebum | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beetlebum performed by Blur

I personally believe this song can tie into a numerous amount of addictions. Some people can relate this to cutting or drinking. It's mainly about heroin but you can relate this to so much.

Heroin--for me it's no glorification of | Reviewer: DiamorphineOria
    ------ About the song Beetlebum performed by Blur

IMHO this is a brilliant performance, despite subject matter. The vast majority of people survive heroin use and DO move on... Some as we all know, both the great and 'small?', aren't so fortunate... None-the-less it makes me feel great right now to hear & enjoy a fine song like 'Beetlebum' or 'Ashes to Ashes', _especially_ when it recalls that unique, intimate blend of sublimely enjoyable and often frightening feelings that were -Reality- as a youngster growing up, and moving on past, heroin...

Heroin | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beetlebum performed by Blur

This song is about heroin. Damon's girlfriend was on it. Probably him too. "Get nothing done", "Just get numb". It's about heroin. A young and irresponsible song. Don't glorify something that's caused the deaths of innumerable great artists.

    ------ About the song Coffee & TV performed by Blur

Why they are all playing left-handed in the video? Does it have anything to do with nirvana's front man Kurt Cobain? I saw that video with spanish subtitle and on one of the corners it wrote:"Nirvana not". So beautiful and great song by the way! I love you Blur

My favourite bi-polar song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sing performed by Blur

I listened to this song over and over and over, and each time I felt a different way...some times good and some times pretty bad. Its like an old friend that got me through some tough times because she always tells you the ugly truth and still gives you hope. And after hearing it a few times I went CRAZY on Blur - but I always come back to this one as the one that speaks to me the most!

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