Blur Albums

  • Think Tank Album (4/1/2003)
    Out Of Time
    Crazy Beat
    Good Song
    On The Way To The Club
    Brothers And Sisters
    We've Got A File On You
    Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club
    Sweet Song
    Gene By Gene
    Battery In Your Leg

  • 13 Album (3/15/1999)
    Coffee & TV
    Swamp Song
    Mellow Song
    Trimm Trabb
    No Distance Left To Run

  • Blur Album (2/10/1997)
    Song 2
    Country Sad Ballad Man
    On Your Own
    You're So Great
    Chinese Bombs
    I'm Just A Killer For Your Love
    Look Inside America
    Strange News From Another Star
    Movin' On
    Essex Dogs

  • Great Escape Album (9/11/1995)
    Country House
    Best Days
    Charmless Man
    Fade Away
    Top Man
    The Universal
    Mr. Robinsons' Quango
    He Thought Of Cars
    It Could Be You
    Ernold Same
    Globe Alone
    Dan Abnormal
    Entertain Me
    Yuko And Hiro

  • The Special Collectors Edition Album (10/26/1994)
  • Parklife Album (4/25/1994)
  • Modern Life Is Rubbish Album (5/10/1993)
  • Leisure Album (8/27/1991)

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    Reviews about Blur albums

    tank thought | Reviewer: adam tribe
        ------ About the album Think Tank performed by Blur

    this album , the most recent of blur's , has overcome its usual style of music. In this album the forsum has been knocked down to three due to graham coxon leaving.

    this album has funky, jazzy , alternative and rock all in one , with songs like "crazy beat"giving t is rock star attitude and to the sorft melodic sounds of "sweet song".

    all in all i give this album 10/10 great album !

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