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Blue have proven to be the success story of 2001.

Their debut single "All Rise" entered the UK chart at No.
4, becoming a major radio hit and staying in the top ten
for five weeks. Their second single "Too Close" went on to
be an even bigger hit, crashing into the chart at No. 1 at
the beginning of September. Both singles have gone silver,
selling in excess of 200,000 copies. This November they
release a third single, a beautiful pop/r'n'b classic
entitled "If You Come Back", followed by their long awaited
debut album "All More...

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Review about Blue songs
one love | Reviewer: vivek
    ------ About the song One Love performed by Blue

the best part of this is the lyrics and music and ofcours the artist best way of synchronized the awesome songs ist artist is Eminem and 2nd is blue . ......yo buddy keep going on.......

sandy | Reviewer: sandip
    ------ About the song One Love performed by Blue

Hi to everyone! it's sandip from Nepal. wow! it is awesome song which i have ever heard. i would like to thank all your team composing such type of fantastic song entertaining the whole world. Keep it up-one love............

Heart touching song !!!! | Reviewer: Razia
    ------ About the song One Love performed by Blue

I just love this song from that moment when I got to know what's love and then straight away dedicated this song to the 1 whom I love..... This song is having really nice beats which makes us to forget whole world for a while ....I just love BLUE specially DUNCAN ...:)

rocking and very heart touching song | Reviewer: sanya
    ------ About the song One Love performed by Blue

this song has many stages and many works are very difficult to sing. It has a meaning, Very amazing song and simply marvellous A very rocking butat the same time time very emotionful song. I also liked "Curtain Falls".

you are the real singer. | Reviewer: salman ahmad
    ------ About the song One Love performed by Blue

i cant discribe about your tallent.I am nothing know about singing but i feel you are the best singers in the whole word.I want to be singer like you,and i want to sing a song with you.This is my best dream and i am also written in my bucket list.

touched my heart | Reviewer: ramakanta lamichane
    ------ About the song One Love performed by Blue

a song, a tune, the words, the music and everything about this sonf makes me filed with the strength of love, its all about love that matters and its a power to remain alive and a hope ot belive yourself and others

so the song is fantastic

Doo | Reviewer: Doo
    ------ About the song One Love performed by Blue

I like this song very much. Blue was my favourite group about 3 years ago.Simon was my favourite <3

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Ratchet & Clank Live! | Reviewer: Deanna Ebblewhite
    ------ About the song Too Close performed by Blue

It's a White Post Farm show from the makers of "Summer Animal Show". It's coming out 8th April starring Ratchet and Clank!
The voice actors are:
James A. Taylor
David Kaye
I tried to know that in act 3, they sang a song "Too Close" by you four. Now, it's up to you to stop Emperor Percival Tachyon. But, if you need to look at the images and see them live on air, just go on Google Images, type "Ratchet and Clank Live", click Search, and choose a picture.

I-Ninja II. | Reviewer: Deanna Ebblewhite
    ------ About the song U Make Me Wanna performed by Blue

This is a 20th Century Fox and Argonaut Software movie called, "I-Ninja 2". That's after I-Ninja the Movie. I-Ninja is voiced by Billy West as he got a red belt. He needs to know how he could go to the martial arts concert. But in the reprise mix, Mr. West performed a parody "I Make You Wanna" parody of "U Make Me Wanna" by you four. But from what I know is from the video game published by Namco. If you want to see the game website, go on Google and type "I-Ninja" and play the Shuriken Challenge game. Don't you get it? No one is tall than the last man standing.

Ratchet and Clank singing in Ratchet and Clank: The Movie. | Reviewer: Deanna Ebblewhite
    ------ About the song Fly By performed by Blue

Well, this is a Dreamworks Animation film based on the game series about those two heroes from the creators of "Shrek" and "Over the Hedge". In "Fly By" (Reprise Mix), it's performed by Ratchet (JAT), Clank (DK) and Ratchet's girlfriend Annie (MC). And in the credits it's performed by both of you four. Now, a genre in a movie is: Comedy, Kids, Family, Based on the Game Series, and finally I've got Action and Adventure. So, in the rap verse, Ratchet and Clank is rapping about dancing. At the end, Ratchet says into the microphone, "Ratchet rules!". I actually think that song in the movie fits what Ratchet and Clank is all about. And that's how they ended up on the dance floor like that.

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